Passed today with 2P and 3MP

 I passed PMP today with 2 proficient and 3 moderately proficient.

I felt exam was easy, on the scale of five,  I would rate at 3- 3.5.

4-5 question I would say stumped me.. Otherwise all others were easy to understand. I took exactly 240 mins to complete the exam, didn't got time to review marked questions, I was reading questions twice and slowly. Close to 80% were situational based question, 15% maths-which were pretty straight forward if you know what the question is.

Preparation time -  1.5 months,  I took leave of 15 days and studied for 10 hours during the period.  Post leave,  2 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends.

infact I had scheduled the exam at the end of my 15 days leave, but cancelled it as I didn't felt I was there yet.

Study materials -  Headfirst (read it 2 times),  R.E.P notes (2 times)-which were on PMBOK. 

Took online mock test,  attempted around 1200 questions.  Pmstudy and PMPforsure (bit tough) were the good one and close to real PMP exam. 

Pmstudy- 73%

pmpforsure- 63%


examcentral- 74%

PMzilla 30Q- 54%

Lastly, I would like to thanks PMzilla and it users for contributing their experience and knowledge.



Hi Raj,

Congratulation on achieving milestone.  


Thanks Guys :)

 Congratulations. I also had about the same time to study and also scored the same two days ago. Well done.

Thanks and Congrats to you as well :)

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 Congratulations !

Thanks Admin.. forum has helped me alot... keep up the good work :)

 Dear Friend,

           Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.




 Thanks :)

Hi Raja,


Firstly congratulations for achieving a milestone.

I am also planning to give exam in the next week. I dont know anyone in my circle who is planning to sit for PMP. Can you please do me a favour by sharing mock question papers as I dont have question database to measure my progress? It would be great if you can share the material. My id is