Passed PMP Yesterday (17/02/2011)

Dear All,

I am very glad to inform you all that I have Passed My PMP exam.Yesterday (on 17 Feb. 2011) in First attempt. I used to log-in  PMZilla now and then since I came to knew about this forum 8 months ago. I got benefited from this forum a lot especially by reading  various LL’s, Posts and Comments of  members about their successes and failures. It gave me a lot encourage and the way how to prepare for exam. I thank to all of them. Now this time, it’s my responsibility to share My LL with all of you.

Preparation Plan:

Many says take the real PMP Exam after you got score in the mock tests about 80% or more. In my opinion this is only a measure how was your preparation. To get this score first you need a plan how to get  80% or more. For this it is better first to fix an exam date to get start preparation seriously.  Fixing the date really helps. Then You will have an aim or target to reach. Though I took my 35 contact hours PMP training one year ago, my preparation for exam started after I paid the exam fee 5 months ago and more seriously after fixing the Exam date 2 months ago.

Books Used:

(1) I strongly Suggest to read as many times as possible PMBOK. Read care fully sentence to sentence. Here the learning curve effect applies, it states that the more times a task has been performed, the less time will be required on each subsequent iteration.

(2) Also better to read other any one good book as further reference. Like Rita Mulcahy 's PMP Prep., Head First PMP or any other available book. I got one good book from where I took 35 Contacts hours PMP training.

Other Material:

I got  (1) PMP Comprehensive Notes – by Chowdary  from PMZilla forum. It helps you for quick reference. (2) And Also I down loaded from net, PMP_Study_Notes_donkim. Both are very useful for quick reference.

About ITTO:

It is very difficult to memorize all ITTOs. Instead of memorizing them just understand what are Inputs and outputs and how these two are inter related. To get better understand first you should know and have all 42 processes in your mind then it is easy how the output come from one process and how it will useful as a input for another process. You can easily differentiate between Tools & Techniques and Input, Outputs. You should understand the difference between them and it will useful in answering in Exam. Some  questions directly ask in a single line what is Input or output or Tool for a particular process. And some questions may lengthy and ask in final what input or output or tool use in this situation.

                        I suggest to go for It is useful for ITTO and download a PDF file : PMBOKIndexToInputsOutputs from net.

About Mathematical formulas:

It is easy and good score in Exam. Remember all formulas in EVM, and how to Calculate EMV and Critical Path, Free/Total Float. You will get at least one question from each. Total about 10-12 questions. Some times ask in question directly the formula it self. All questions are  very simple and best for good score in exam. You must understand well the concept.

Tests/Sample Questions:

(A)  Free Tests: I have gone through many free tests in net. I can say it is very useful  for practice purpose only, You can’t expect that the same questions will appear in real PMP exam. The benefit of taking the mock tests is to addict the atmosphere of  real PMP exam. More you take the practice tests you will get the experience in reading and understanding the pattern of questions, it will consume less time for understanding the questions in real PMP exam.

                   Here are some of Free Tests:

           (1) Oliver 75 questions

           (2) Head First PMP

           (3) Oliver 175 questions


           (5) Simplilearn

           (6) Voight PMP


                  My suggestion here is do not discourage your self if you score less percentage in these tests. The free tests are useful for practice purpose. Some free tests looks very difficult than the actual PMP Exam.

(B)  Paid Tests:

PMStudy : I took  4 Simulated Tests, Guides, Chapter Tests on All Knowledge Areas in 20 days for 99.99 US $. – Actually there is no need to take this course for guides, chapter tests, it is more than enough to take only 4 Simulated Tests for 50 US $. This is very useful and worth for the money paid. Many persons who experienced with PMStudy tests says it looks same like real PMP exam. Though the questions of these tests may not repeat in the real PMP Exam but the pattern looks same like that. The main advantage of  taking these tests is  releasing your fear and tension about the real PMP exam. You will be encouraged to get confidence with these tests. I suggest to take these tests just few days before the PMP exam.

Final Tips or Suggestions:

  1. First You should have a reason and an aim, a strong will to Pass the PMP Exam.
  2. Exam is neither Difficult not Easy. Do not panic or overconfident about the Exam. The better your preparation, the better your chances of passing.
  3. Read Carefully and understand the question first then read all the 4 answers even if you feel the first answer is correct. Don’t leave any question without  answering. Sometimes you can get answer from question it self.
  4. You will be required to interpret graphs or diagrams on some questions.
  5. Do not blindly follow any one’s way of preparation as it is. Try to develop your own preparation plan based on others LL’s according to your convenience. You can say it is Tailoring. Every one’s Way of Preparation for PMP exam is like a project which aim to ultimate pass PMP Exam.


- ameer basha












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Congratulations Ameer on your PMP and thanks for sharing the LL with this group.