Passed PMP without studying the PMBOK

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I am able to clear PMP in the first hit without studying the PMBOK. Just thought of sharing this success story with fellow aspirants.

First, I tried multiple times to go through PMBOK but could not digest the narration. The Input, Tools & Technique and Output terminology was not much aligning with my project management practivce I do at work.

Then, I went through numerous youtube videos on project management knowledge areas to digest each knowledge area and processes involved in those.

Then, I went through SimpliLearn PMP online videos.

Lastly, Skimmed through Rita's PMP Prep handbook.

Last two weeks I spent time mostly on practicing the PMP questions from various sources.

With this preparation I was able to clear PMP with all process groups mderately proficient.

The two important areas I felt after the exam are,

1) As a project manager how do you handle the change control

2) Earned value management (all combinations of mathematical calculations with variances)


Disclaimer: This may not be best way to follow for others. May be useful for someone like me who could not digest the PMBOK narration.

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing. This is a unique post as you have not read PMBoK , it also depends on the number of years of PM experience you have.

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I've 7 plus years of project management experience.

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When I first started studying for the exam, I thought all you needed to know what in the PMBOK. Not so...  After I went through Rita and Heads First - I never went back to the PMBOK.  

Heads First is amazing.  

I did every practice exam / app I could find too...

Congratulations though.

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We're glad you passed the PMP.

But I want to advise anyone reading your success story to understand that YOU WERE THE EXCEPTION.

The vast majority of PMP students need to study both PMBOK and a complementary text (Rita, Sohel Akhter, etc.).

People reading this will think, "I don't need to read PMBOK.  Jaak passed without reading PMBOK."

Everyone, please, please don't think you can pass the PMP test just because you've been a project manager and you skimmed Rita and don't need to read PMBOK.

Jaak14308 was the exception.

Best Wishes on Passing the PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
Richard on YouTube


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absolutly agreed!



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Dear Friend,

         Congrats on clearing PMP exam.