Passed PMP , What next ?


Passed PMP last month , It was goal accomplined after months of preperation  and study . Now a sudden  feeling of "Goal less" in life. Feeling bored and empty. I am  31  year old and in construction in middle east . Please advice where can I set my next goals. What next after  PMP?. 


Excellent question, I’ve asking myself the same question since I started preparing for PMP, I once read that it’s very dangerous to achieve a goal before setting the next one, and I believe this is true.

I just passed my PMP today, and unfortunately before setting my next goal, and I already started to think “ok! What’s now!”


I’m considering two options, either to pursue ITIL certification, or Cisco CCXX, but still no clear thoughts, 

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Congratulations on your PMP. Its good to know you are hungry for more. very few people are really looking for immidiate next steps.

You can read the beyong PMP forum on PMZilla for some similar discussions. Basically, the  next certification you do must be related to your job function or your future career aspiration else you will be wasting your time and money. 

You can teach / mentor pmp aspirants, either thru classroom or on forums like PMZilla