Passed PMP today - Material I used, lessons learnt etc

Hello All 

First of, I would like to thank you all for such wonderful support to help me in my PMP certification. I couldnt imagine me getting PMP certified without the help of you all, PMZilla and all the resources I used to make me crack the PMP exam on my first attempt.

What I studied:

PMBOK book, Rita Mulcahy book, one review of 2000 PMP exam questions, 2 reviews of PMP cost management questions, 4 mock tests, ITTOs and practicing brain dumps.

PMBOK and Rita Mulcah - as we all know are the best referenced books.

Before giving any mock tests, I would recommend going through at-least couple of Question banks / practice questions and trying to understand the gaps. I got hold of an extensive pool of 2000 PMP exam Questions + 100 PMP cost management questions.

I reviewed all the details carefully listed in this blog - tips on how to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt. I also took the help of all the material listed above which I got through the same resource - click here. The complete set of questions covered each and every aspect and I did not look beyond those 2000Qs. And the cost management questions were great as well to help me gain confidence with the mathematical questions. I would highly recommend making use of these question banks to close all the gaps. Please email me at if you would like to get hold of information on these various material. 

I then took 4 mock tests and found all my knowledge gaps after each test and went back to reading more on that topic.

Finally, ITTOs and brain dumps are something that we all should be practicing on our own to find our own rhythm and speed. 

So after about 3 months of hard work, I managed to get PMP certified. I truly thank all of you for the great support. 

Email me at for any support you need/ or any questions you might have about the PMP material that I used.

Good luck to all of you!



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Congratulations and thanks for posting here.

what was the result of all your mock exam?


I did not score that well on the first 2 mock exams I gave. If I remember it right I was around the 50-60% mark. 

I had lot of knowledge gaps that I tried to solve and close. I then did one more mock exam and score around 67% (I think).

Then I re-read the material one more time, and then practiced a lot of questions from the questions banks that I refer to in my above post that I got hold of from - 

Thereafter I gave one more mock test and scored 79% and felt confident. Also the above questions banks, I was roughly getting to around 80% (+/- 5%).

Hope this helps.

Good luck!


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Great insights! I was really in need of some great insights on this topic and I found out that this article of yours help me a lot.. Keep the great work going on in the future as well. Cheers!

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