Passed PMP Today - Lessons Learned

Hi all,

I have been a lurker for a while, soaking in all the knowledge you guys have been sharing on this forum, for which I am ever greatful. I took and passed my PMP today on the 2nd try.. needless to say am crazy behind measures... just wanted to share my exam prep with you and hopefully help someone else

I failed the first exam in October, took about  a week and half to gather myself together and see if i wanted to shell out another $375 to retake the exam. I did, everyone at my office had passed BUT me!!!! You can imagine how i felt.. so i decided to pay the exam fee and start my exam prep AGAIN...


I needed to something different to help me grasp the concept of PMP, the PMBOK was NOT doing it for me. So i did some research on line and bought Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition. I read the whole book once.. It was totally interesting and very helpful, it explains everything in layman's terms and pretty much does not need memorizin (like i did with the PMBOK). After reading Rita's I was excited to take the test on teh CD, only to find out it was just the Demo version, only about 20 questions. That was a bummer, i felt pretty good after taking the exams at the end of each chapter.. I was scoring in the 60s and 70s (Rita's exams are pretty hard mind you)

Simulation Exams

I have to tell you, you need to take these exams!! They are very helpful!!!!! No Bull.. below are some of the exams I took and my scores

PM Study - I scored a 66% on the exam (200 questions)

Exam Central - I scored a 69% (200 questions)

Heads First - I scored a 76% (200 questions)

Simplilearn - I dipped and scored a 64% (200 questions, pretty hard) - I scored a 76% (200 questions).. I believe this is the best site for simulation exams, pretty much the questions i saw there we almost like the real exam it self. I finished this in less than 2 hours.

Leahman 175 - i got a 61%, and it was my final exam before the real exam.. I was not disappointed, i felt it was just information over load, i knew i was ready

Exam Day

I got to the center, went through the check in routine, and blah blah.. sat down in front of the computer and started the exam. Honestly in 30 mins i had answered 70 questions, with only a couple marked for review, after 2 hours i had answered 170 questions. At the 1:30 mark left i was reviewing my questions. This shows that when you are ready, you just are ready!!!!

My questions were pretty much all situational. About 90% was situational, the 10% remaining was between a few ITTO, and some maths questions. I was very happy with this, the first exam had too many ITTOs. It was amazing to see the CONGRATULATIONS on the screen. I pumped my fist and held my hands over my mouth so my screams could not be heard!!!

Two Cents

Understand the concepts of Project management.. understand WHAT a project manager does. You need to know this to pass the exam. Most of the questions are based on the project Manager's everyday experience, and you have to pretty much KNOW this in order to pass.  Know the Risk management process, you quality process, your intiating process adn closing process.

Good luck to all, and thanks to all who have shared their knowledge and experience.. I owe it to you..

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Congratulations on your PMP

Congratulations new PMP,

I have taken PMP exam in July and not cleared the exam. I am going to make my second attempt now. Can you please share me Rita's 7th edition pdf, so that it will be very much helpful for me. My email id


Hi, thanks much for sharing your experience.

Could you please share Rita's book with me. My mail id:

sharing the rita book is violation to Intellectual Property :)

Hi, can you also send me a pdf of rita's book. Thanks in advance.

HI  Nicoboli - Congrats really hepful would be very helpful if you could share rita's 7th edition......appreciate your help.


Many congraulations to you... can you please share that book PMP Exam Prep, 7th Edition in pdf?

my id :   .... thanks in advance.


 Hi Nicoboli,

Congratulations on your success. 

Can you please send rita's 7th edition to me? It would be really helpful for my exam preparation.



Thanks a lot.




I would be very grateful, if you share the PDF of Rita’s 7th Edition, it would certainly be very helpful, my email

Kind regards,


Congratulations!!.. Can u send Rita's 7th edition. My email address is



Congratulations and Thanks for sharing your experience! Please share the 7th edition book. I would really appreciate it.



Hi, congras :)

please kindly share the Rita's book. Email Id:

Thanks alot..


Could you please share Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition pdf. My email id is

Thanks in advance


 Could you please share Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition pdf.

My email id is:

Thanks in advance

HI, Congratulations!! Could you please share Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition pdf with me too. My email id is: Thanks

Could you please share Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition pdf.

My email id is:

Thanks in advance

Hey, would you be so kind as to send me the 7th edition of Ritas?

my email é

I have Rita's 6th edition, but would like to review 7th edition prior to test (next week). Would you share in PDF format if possible? 

Thank you!

Take care and have a great evening! 

Hi Nick,

Congratulations!!.. seems that the information are ver useful info. Can u send Rita's 7th edition. My email address is


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Congratulations! It would be more valuable to you if you planned on adhering to the Ethical standards that PMP prescribes.



 Hey Congratulatons for getting passed in PMP.



so what is next?


Hi Nicoboli and congradulations for your PMP...

I'll be sitting for the test by end of Feb and looking for you advice and help if you can provide any study materials for PMP especialy Rita book 7th edition (pdf if possible), I have the 6th edition but not sure what are the changes in the new editions.

my contact is:

thanks in advance, Regards.

Thank you,your information is very useful here, i mention the another suggestion website pls visit it

Can you send me a copy of the exam prep guide as a pdf? My email is

Hi  Nicoboli - Congrats on passing the PMP exam.

Great would be very helpful if you could share Rita's 7th edition......would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you!


 kindly kindly kindly someone share me Rita's 7th edition. grateful.

my email is :

 I'm also looking for the 7th edition, can u help me ( ? This books seems to be the saint graal.... Thanks for your help.

So many people have reaptedly asked for RITA 7th EDITION from the SUCCESSFUL PMP gentleman. Has he bothered to send the "pdf" to anyone. Either he has not or nobody has bothered to thank him for others to know.


I hope aspirants for PMP should understand sharing of copyrighted material is a direct violation of PMI code of conduct. I would sincerely request everybody to refrain from these kind of requests.

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I dont think he ever said he is sharing the pdf file. People just get excited and keep posting their emails.  Sharing copyrighted materials is not allowed on this forum , so please dont post your email ids any more here.