Passed PMP today with 4Ps :)

 HI All,

Thanks to all members of this forum,I must say its excellent platform for all the PMP aspirant.

Me and my husband both cleared PMP today with 4 Ps and 1 MP in closing.

It was a tough journey for me as a working mother to study for PMP but my husband gave me all the support to reach at this level.I was able to give 1-2 Hrs everyday for last 4 months and last 3-4 days I studied around 8-9 Hrs in a day.

Best thing with us was that we used to have lots of dicussions on every term used in PMBOK.

I studied one round from Rita and 1 from Andycrowe and 1 round of PMBOK.along with Andycrowe book,i got 1 week subscription of insite.velociteach site,which was really wonderful to understand all the fundamentals of PMP.I prepared some charts for understanding ITTO which helped us alot while memorising them,I will surely upload them in couple of days.

Exam difficult level was not very high,i would say it was 3 out of 5.Not very wordy questions,I got around 10-15 questions on SPI,CPI,EMV etc.3-4 critical path questions and 5-6 questions on ITTO.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to my exam preparations or during the exam.

Once again thanks to all of You.






Congrats Ritu  !

I passed the exam yesterday with exactly the same score that you got 4ps and 1mp in closing :)

Relax and celebrate now ! you deserve it !

Best of luck.



 Thanks Karim and Congrats to you too :)

Yes..we deserve celebration now :)

 Congrats Karim!

Congrats to both of you. Please give me some tips on how to memorize ITTO and where to enroll for practice exams ? Thank You.

Hi Sugatadas,

Thank you for your congratulations.

Well, as for the ITTOs i had them all written in one notebook divided by knowledge areas and looked at this notebook everyday for about 10 days befor the exam. You don't really have to memorize them by heart, I only had about 5-6 direct questions about ITTOs but you sure have to know which process your're in. You should Memorize page 43 of the PMBOK by heart to know where you stand and you'll be able to relate the flow of the whole processes through the ITTOs.

As for the Mock exams PMstudy is offering a free exam and you can buy up to 3 other exams and they offer really good questions.

Oliver lehmann has very good questions which are tougher than the actual exam. also offer exams which are easier than the exam questions but still good practice

Also, if you can afford Rita's fastrack it's a great practice simulation.

Wish you the best of luck.


Karim - Thanks for the useful information.

 no problem sugatadas i was in your place a few days ago so i know the feeling ! Please feel free to ask anything at any time :)



Hi Karim,

I have given two tests from Rita's FastTrack. Obtained 60% in first test, and 64% in second test.

Have you ever given mock test from Rita's FastTrack? Do you think achiving 75% in FastTrack, one can sit for the exam?

With Regards,


 Hi nrupaks,

Yeap i purchased the fastrack and solved the questions after each chapter and my score was in the early 80s 

As for the mock tests in fastrack. There are 2 levels, the normal pmp and tougher super pmp. I only took the simpler pmp, i took 3 tests of those and was svoring 83%, 84% and 85.5% in them.

I think your scores are good if you're talking about super pmp but if it's regular pmp try to push them to the mid 70s then you'll be ready. 

Try also the pmstudy exam, it's a really good practice a mid 70s score in that one also means you're ready.

Best of luck


Hi Karim,

Thanks for your informative response.

Congrates again for you both on passing the exam.

Great to have an opportunity to interact with you guys.



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 Congratulations on your PMP

NIce job Ritu - COngrats to you and your hubby!!!


Great Achievement and identical score.

Reflection of true coordination

Wish you all the best and Congratulations to both of you

 What a couple! What a performance!! Congrats to both of you!!!

 Thanks so much

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Great effort!  Be proud... 

Congratulations! You deserve it. - Wesley Upchurch