Passed PMP Today 4-25-2012


I have passed PMP at First Attempt.

Its my turn to Let PMP aspirants to know my efforts,

Started serious study from February 2012, Read Rita 7th edition 3 times, solved Rita end of the chapter questions several times, that will tune yourself to PMI way of thinking. Head first is good for learning basics in a better way.

PMBOK 3 Times and here you have to correlate Rita learnings and understand each ITTO concepts and apply logically. Make sure that, you have understood concept behind all ITTO, will really help in exam, no need for Memorization. 

Use PMBOK as base and build your concept on that using Rita / Headfirst. 

Practice all RITA, EVM, Network diagrams from chapter.

There are good presentations in U Tube for all the chapters, specially there are good ones from Bombay IIT professors, once you go through before exam. specially Risk.

Exam questions are situational, if you know concepts, you can understand and answer, use elimination techniques, and that will lead to 2 right answers, and try to select best out of two.


Don't take too many Mocks, take all the good free ones, Head first, Oliver, PMStudy, PMStudy paid tests are good ( I have taken PMSTUDY 4). Overall 4-5 Good mocks are enough.

No serious study before exam, be confidant your concepts.

I have posted, lot of questions in PMZILLA, I have always recieved right explanations,links.

My thanks to my wife and son who supported me during my studies.

Thanks, PM ZILLA.

All the best,










Congrats. Well done. What were your proficiency levels? Congrats again... KK...

Thanks, Kranti.

Initiating/Planning/Closing - MP

Monitoring and Control - P

Execution - BP


PMP is related with the project management professional, it is one of the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.

Prescription colored contacts


Were there a lot of questions on EV? And was it obvious what formula you need to use or was there a lot of calculations needed in order to answer?

Did you have to actually draw out any Network Diagrams to figure out critical path and float?

Were there any decision tree questions? Standard Deviation problems?

NPR, BCR, IRR or Payback period questions?

As you can see the "math" is a problem area from me.


EVM/EMV/Network diagrams, Communication channels, Contract related problems are part of the exam. You need to remember all the formulaes and also you should practice network diagrams. As part of solving float, you need to draw network diagrams.

 Congrates on passing PMP exam

Dear PMP'al,

Its great thing that you got all supports and success.

My few query:

What is difference between RITA 6 th and 7th edition.

What is concept of ITTO .Memorisation all ITTO is next to Immpossible.

Can I get an hard copy used (second-book) of 7th edition, and what price.




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I wanna say thanks to admin very much not only for this post excluding also for his all preceding efforts. I will be coming back to your blog for interesting articles again.
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Passed PMP 2012 is related with the aspirants to know the efforts. In other words we can say that it is related with the efforts of serious study , exam tips, tricks and lessons learnt. disegnitatuaggi

Passed PMP exam is related with the study , which that will tune yourself to PMI way of thinking. It is that, which  is good for learning basics in a better way.

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