Passed PMP - thank you

Wow what a feeling. 2 months and done. PM Zilla forums for sure helped me a lot.  My instructor Hemant Dhariyal at Education Edge also drew the right roadmap and most importantly the scope to define the preparation. I only studied PMBOK as recently heard from some of pass outs that Rita or other books are not as effective as they used to be before. 

My focus based on Hemant's approach was PMBOK and only PMBOK. Did over 2000 questions and did not try to memorize anything. 

Tool and Techniques do not need to be memorized but must be understood as a process. As long as you do that, keep focus on PMBOK and go over questions after each chapter you study... YOU will PASS. I thought the exam is complex but really as long as you are well prepared and guided, you will be fine. 

Thanks again everyone.....



congratulation to you

could you please give us from your experiance, are the real exam close to the question you did (2000 mock test) and from where you got the 2000 question.



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Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for sharing d c