Passed PMP test on second try

Hello fellow students!

I took a 3-day course last fall to help pass the PMP. I was encouraged to take the test “ASAP” and was told that reading the PMBOK was not necessary – just to ready Rita’s book. I studied diligently for 3 months, started a local study group and scheduled the test December 22, 2014. Even though I thought I “aced it”, I did not pass. While I was crying on the way home from the test, my husband found Richard Kraneis online:

I watched the video and never forgot about Richard. I contacted him a few months later in March and I hired him to help me pass the test. His tools and techniques were truly invaluable! I changed my study techniques, read the PMBOK, and was not in a race to take the test. His techniques also enabled me to memorize the 47 process groups which was a huge benefit to passing the test. I passed the PMP test October 19th!

Richard has a passion for teaching and to see other serious students succeed. His webinars were also a huge benefit because I learned so much and I was surrounded by other students going through the same thing. We supported and encouraged one another through the process. I believe it’s a huge benefit to surround yourself with other students who are going through this with you and to be in a study group lead by a PMP professional – one who is a great teacher. If you are serious about dedicating yourself to passing the PMP test, I highly recommend contacting Richard Kraneis to help you through your journey. 

Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your kind words on my Pass the PMP Test on Your Second Try service in helping you pass the PMP test.

I always felt confident that you would pass the PMP on your 2nd try.  You passed not simply because you followed my advice, but more importantly because you believed in your heart that nothing would stop you from passing the PMP.

As we both know, there are no shortcuts to passing the PMP.  PMP students keep looking for shortcuts on passing the PMP.  But you realized it was just making a good "project plan for passing the PMP" and following through with your good project plan.

I hope I can help others Pass the PMP on the Second Try.  More importantly, I look forward to conducting my own PMP classes based out of Chicago, IL USA in 2016.

Thank you so much for your kind words Lisa.  You are a client who has become a friend.

Best Wishes on Using Your New PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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