Passed PMP

Its my turn to contribute to the LL's and experiences in my journey to PMP.
My date with PMP exam turned out to be successful :) I got proficient in 3 and moderately proficient in the other 3.
Study Duration: 3 months
1st month-I started reading with Rita .I wish i had started the headfirst as it was easier to understand the basic concepts through headfirst.No regrets though as Rita helped me to great extent as well just that its too  dry and huge to start with.As i read the 9 knowledge areas i attemped the questions bsed on knowledge areas and always scored bet 70-85% . 
2nd Month- Read PMBOK along with Rita and continued doing the Questions based on knowledge areas and attempted  the free questions avaiable on the net from Headfirst-75%,PMstudy-70%,Oliver-68%. Having scored not so well in these test decided to go through all the wrong and right answers with the explanations.I thought i could answer the ITTO questions based on understanding but soon realised that its not always the case and i had to learn the ITTO's well. 
3rd Month-Attempted more and more questions .I bought the PMstudy 4 question papers option and scored about 73-78% on the first attempts of these 4 papers. Again made sure to go through the right and wrong answers which the key to doing N no of papers . On the 2nd attempt after few weeks was able to score above 80%. Went through the PMI Q&A and Kim Q&A from the PMI website.
Meanwhile also did other free questions like crosswind,techfaq(was good too except for few questions) at various stages inthe 2nd and 3rd month. Read the PMBOK 2 times and Rita once. As far as I feel the key is aswering questions and going back to go through all the right and wrong answers again. While doing so make sure you take notes so that you could use  them later during the study. 
Exam :
Like most of them I was nervous too . The exam as such was not tough but tricky. There were not to many wordy questions,Problems were straightforward,ITTO's were easy too.I Was a bit jittery in the opening 30 questions, but by the time I had crossed 40 questions, I got a bit more confident.Make sure you mark questions for review if you are not clear and revisit them later. This helps!
Forums like PMzilla,Pmhub helped to great extent as well. I have been more of a silent member on this forum.But I did post a few questions off late and was happy to receive prompt replies by the admin and members.Thankyou!
Lessons learned posted by various people is actually an asset when you do the studying for PMP. It would be injustice if I dont thank all the members for their invaluable LL's and tips.Thanks to all those who post them and I guess should be continued for the benifit of others. 
Good luck to all and keep the great work going!!
- Hari 
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Glad to know that PMZilla was of help to you and great to see you are giving back to community by sharing your experience. Congratulations on becoming a PMP



In your observation of the questions on pmp exam, did you find any questions out of syllabus / books.

i mean did it have any stuff where we need to read other proj. management books, articles etc.

No, I didnt find anything out of syllabus. Reading  pmbok,rita , questions from various sites and looking into those answers and fastrac cd from rita covered them all. 

Congratulations, Hari.

And may i add, there is no such thing as out of syllabus or in syllabus (cause there isn't a "syllabus"). Most of the questions in the exam are specific to the project management methodology as outlined in the PMBOK. It is expected of the exam taker to read and understand the PMBOK thoroughly and then apply knowledge from experience in solving the questions.


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