Passed PMP

PM Zilla and other links helped a lot in preparation for my PMP exam, it is so tough but i managed to get through, as I passed PMP I would recommend to anyone who is interested in taking the PMP Exam." 

Tips :

Go thoroughly with PMBOK phrase by phrase - take short notes as possible

Read Head first 2 times - take short notes ( for quick refer)

Do PmZilla, Oliver, Crosswinds and PMPerfect questions

No hesitation, you will be passing the exam at first attempt - guaranteed 


Azmi  PMP 

congratulations Azmi...

your next target is PgMP? :)

i have my exam after few days.. inshallah it will go smooth with me..

please.. any hints, tips and tricks from you will be highly appreciated..

Hi friend

I would like share some of my tips

1. In PMBOK you should know every thing, each and every processes that's why I mentioned phrase by phrase. eg: in quality management they may ask some unexpected questions and those answers were hidden in general paragraph of PMBOK quality management.because we tend to skip those paragraphs since those are ordinary information about quality management. 


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Congratulations on passing your test!  Which of the tests mentioned do you think prepared you the most?  I seem to pass the Crosswinds tests but fail the PMZilla and the Oliver.  I need to look into the PMPerfect test.  They seem to be so different int he way they ask the questions, which was the most similar to the way the actual test asks the questions

Hi friend

I found crosswinds PMO, Organization structures, Project life cycle, Integration questions in the real exam (Almost similar, not exact), other than that I prefered you to go with PMPerfect it is right on money, if you can score around 70-80 you will pass the exam.but dont forget PM Zilla , because it gives you variety of questions which makes you more confident.


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Congratulations Azmi on this achievement . Appreciate your comments on PM Zilla. I am sure many people have the same opinon but very few are generous like you to share it here.

 Welcome to Elite club of PMP



Hi Azmi:

Do I have to buy the  membership from pmperfect or I can find the questions online?



You have culminated the hardwork with this good news. Congratulations on your achievement. - Phillip Elden