Passed PMP on my first Try

I must say I have surprised myself . A big thank you to my family and specially my wife for accomodating time with kids so I can prepare for my exam. I WAS DYING TO SEE MY RESULTS and MOREOVER WANT TO SHARE MY LESSONS LEARNED ON PMZILLA like others do. I gave my exam on 5th October and  got my results yesterday. I scored MP in all areas.


LL - Lessons Learned :

Study Material reference :

Andy's Crowe's Book:  Excellent and to the point - no extras

Rita's Book - Good

Rita's Fast Track question bank/tests : Excellent

PMP Prepcast - very good for the first time review and to gain conceptual knowledge. I heard all audio/vidoe on my blackberry. - Question Bank/test prepration.



I felt confident when I started scoring between 70-80% on PMPERFECT.COM tests. The language of final test was more like pmperfect and pmstudy, but Rita's fast track questions will make you think and answer smarter ( specially explanation of answers).

I didn't memorize any ITTO's but did a lot of repetition on looking at them and understanding them as inputs and outputs. Pmzillas memorizeation technique is also ok.

Fina day, reviewed Rajes's notes and prayed to god. I am little slow in reading as I was almost taking 60 minutes for each 50 questions. Only took one small break for 2 minutes with my heads down and that's it. I took full 4 hours to complete the exam. Rest is history now 

Now I need start worrying about PDUs

Wish you guys all the best for your exam or earning your PDUs !


Harish Gulati,PMP®  



Congrats and Enjoy the moment !!!!!!!

IMHO, Dont worry about PDU's. 60 in 3 years is not that diffcult i think.


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Congratulations Harish and glad to know that PMZilla was of help to you.  Also good thing you have posted about pmperfect, heard from others too that its a good resource.

About 60 PDUs you dont have to worry much

  • 15 PDU you can claim for pratictioning PM profession
  • 30 PDU for self learning , of course you will have to list down all the things you have done. Try to keep a proper record of things done here
  • Remaining is 15 PDU, which is 5 per year, or you can just take a online course which would give you 15 to 30 PDUs.

Its usually good to collect 80 PDUs so that you dont have to worry for 6 years, since 20 PDUs can be carried forward.



We took our tests on the same day, and I got the great news as well.

The delayed results sure had me nervous.

My test experience was also similar. I took the full 4 hours and I didn't even have a chance to review all my answers (it's probably better that I didn't have a chance to change them from right to wrong).


Thanks, John. I remember that we had the exam the same day. Congratulations to you as well !

Congrats. I also passed my PMI-002 using study guides and test engines and thae made me able to get good score in exams


Passing the exam for the first time is really an achievement. It is supposed to be like that for a reason. - Marla Ahlgrimm