Passed PMP - June 30, 2016

Hi, long time reader, first time posting. Wanted to share my study plan with you all since I know how tough this can be. I failed the first try back in 2012 and never really took the time to study again, until now.

What I did:

Over the last two months, I ate and slept the Rita book. This was tough due to having a full time job working 12-15 hours per day. The only time I could read and do the book exam questions were late at night or on weekends. I hardly referenced the PMBOK, only a few times (Ex. glossary, diagrams)


1. Two months ago, I read PMBOK from start to end but it was tough for me to understand. I couldn't grasp the tools and techniques well. 

2. I decided to invest in Rita and it was much easier to take in. I would read, take notes and take the exam quiz.

3. After talking all Rita exam quizzes, I avg'd a 66% which wasn't great. 

4. I re-did each chapter and quizzed myself. Overall score was bumped up to an avg of 80% for all tests. 

5. I also purchased the PMP simulation exam by Rita which was helpful doing 200 questions so I can see when to take breaks, how I feel and if I will complete on time.

The PMP test:

The test was tough but I felt confident going in. I've already failed in the past so I knew not to add so much extra pressure on myself, just do my best and live with the results. I took a break every 25 questions because I start to fade after that. During my break, I would stretch, have a snack and prepare my mindset that I can't focus on questions I have no idea, but ones that are coming.

All in all, I'm glad it's done. I'm happy to help answer questions since this website has been great for me.


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Please provide your exam results in details. How many P's, MP's & BP's.

I wish they would tell us what we did wrong so I can learn from it.

Here's my scores:

Initiation: MP

Planning: MP

Execution: MP


Closing: P

Since PMI doesnt give a percentage on passing, I estimate I probably scored an overall ~73-75%. This is based on:

P = 90%

MP = 75%

BP = 60%


use the strikeout feature when selecting answers. This helped me with process of elimination of selecting.

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Congratulations on your PMP !

Did you feel that the pmp test questions were harder or Rita's FastTrack questions?