Passed the PMP - June 1st, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Finally - after a month of studying I was finally able to pass the exam. I am glad on how active this forum is to really get the insight needed to streamline the way I needed to study and attempt the exam. The last week before the exam really helped me in concentrating on the main areas and understanding how the exam will approach certain situations. My method was different than what a lot of people usually recommend - including reading the books and attempting a few of the well known prac tests - but I thought I share the things that worked for me. 

I will keep this short and sweet - I hope.


I only read the PMBOK once. I really hate how dry it was and it was good enough to give me a good idea on the foundation of the guidelines of project management and process. 

lesson learnt notes / a few guys had their own notes on this siteand they were amazing. I downloaded a couple of and concentrated on the summary version of each knowledge area. It gave me a quick insight on the main things that i needed to know.

quick reference guide / i bought this from amazon. link here. / I highly recommend getting this. This had everything I needed to know and helped me in the last stages of studying.

pm exam simulator / I jumped in quick in just taking exams and had a learn as a I go attitude. I got better as time went on as I understood the questions a lot more.

Brainbok / The ITTO simulator and quizzes were amazing. This really help me a lot in the areas I wasnt good at. I hated taking 3 hr tests so the quizzes were short and sweet. I recommend getting this.

pmzilla - I bought the 200 tough questions. These were tough and a couple helped me in approaching a few things on the exam. A lot tough than the actual exam though.

pmstudy 400 questions - this was awesome as well!

didnt use .

rita book / oliverlehmaan prac tests. - I had these printed out and and the actual book but never looked at it once. I am not sure why. 

forums. - shoutout to him to really make everything a lot easier. - this helped me a lot in getting clarity on a few things including Critical Path - Learnt a lot from here as well.

In the end, we live in a world with a lot of information and sites that can help us. They all help but you have to see what works for you. In the end, common sense is what will also help you throughout the exam as the exam is different from the prac exams on the most part. However, if you are doing above 70% on all these - you should be fine. 

brain dump.

The way i did it was simple. My first page was all formulaes and other information i needed to know during the test including communication nodes, cp methods etc. However, the 2nd and third page I created an entire ITTO chart with the outputs. This way it gave me the roadmap of a few things. To be honest with you - just 2 - 3 questions came for the ITTO so its up to you on how you want to approach this. 


I have the books and all the papers for all this. If anyone would like to get these from me, I have no issue in creating a plan for you and sending you all my materials used including links on where to purchase them.  Please private message me as i rather sell the bundle to someone who needs the help. 

Thank you! - I will be taking the PMI - ACP exam end of this year so I will keep you guys posted.


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Dear Friend,

     congrats on clearing PMP. Thanks for sharing LL.



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Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for sharing.

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Congrats for passing and Thanks for sharing your LL..