Passed PMP on Jan 4, 2016

Dear PMZilla team

I cleared PMP on Jan 4with 1 BP (Initiating) and 4 MP (all others)

Few points


-          Contrary to what others had mentioned, I found Rita MC more simple/useful than PMBok. (I covered RMC twice and did most exercises). Its not that PmBok is less important. But RMC has more scenario based questions

-          I didn’t have an option to attend PMP classes. Had to do via elearning 

-          Studied for around 1 month and had a week of leave too.

-          Sample exams – Did RMC exercises,  Oliver Lehmann 75, Scordo Sample tests (#13-18) accessible if you are registered with PMI

-          Also I practised very sample tests. The max i tried was 50 questions in 1 sitting. 


Go thru 1-200 initially and mark the ones you dont know. I advise to take a break after the first 2 hours. (The clock will be running). Freshen up. Wash your face and do the second round

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Congratulations !!. Thanks for sharing.