Passed PMP on Jan 30

 Hi All,

I am preparing PMP for the past 2 months and then I cleared it today. Rather than going to share my study plan, I am going to suggest the effective/easy study plan for others.


 Don't study too much material unless and otherwise your focus to learn more on subject rather than passing the exam.

The following study materials are sufficent to clear the exam.

1. Rita Mulhay book & PMP fast track.

Study Pattern

1. Read Rita Mulhey book :- One iteration and solve the problems in the book (Make yourself simple extract notes for your the exam)

2. Read Rita Mulhey Book :- Second iteriation (Now you will be familiar with more concepts and real intend of the exm)

3. Do PMP fast track by each knowledge are (Update your own notes to focus weak areas)

4. Take 200 question free exam from pmstuddy. If you score more than 65 then you are ready to exam.


Before taking exam

1. Take super PMP from PMP fastrack. You are fine if you score more that 70%

2. Take 200 free question from simple lean (Don't worry about results. It is too touch than PMP. If you score 55, you are ok)


While taking the exam

1. Read the question twice and make a note of critical terms of the question in the work sheet.

2. Pick the answer

3. Mark only the questions that is new and you are unclear.

Complete the exam and get the certification with confidence!!