Passed PMP, Here is my LL

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Hi All,

Here is my LL

I acheived my PMP cert in my second attempt on 7/4/2007. My first
attempt was on Jan, which was fast tracking attempt and was failure,
but score came close to passing score. I was bit disappointed and
realised need to have more commitment in preparation.

With the desire to acheive the objective, I decided to go far a second attempt not delaying much.

Again I started my exam preparation, coming out with my own study plan
but during the last few days I narrowed my focus to selected materials
(Conduct Training Notes, Study materials, PMBOK Glossary,my own
notes,Rani-Rajesh Notes from PMHub.Net) and topics (those identified as
gaps). Fortunately found PMHub.Net which really gave me good guidance
and study notes and knowledge sharing of PMPs.

I practised few mock ups, RITA FAST Track,gone through RITA Flash Cards.

Also Jim Owens knowledge area topics gave a good catchy tips and
really very well presented which I used for my final review as well.

On that day of exam I went early 7.15 am for the scheduled time
8.00 am , relaxed and flip through certain of my own notes. I entered
into the exam with full confidence. I noted down all the formulae and
p70 tabulation of PMBOK in the sheet provided.

I decided to go for first review aiming for answering 106 question
confidently. Hence I marked few questions as review skipping if totally
I have no idea, simultaneously counting on my confident answers. When I
reached 150 questions, I realized my oppurtunity of passing score is
high and faced the rest optimistically. I completed the first review in
around 2.30 hours and next 45 minutes reviewing the marked questions.
My marked question are mostly procurement contract calculation
questions and lengthy situation question and certain blue questions.

The remaining time I was doing review all. While reviewing I got
the message you have run out of time, when I clicked OK, my screen went
blank and took time to get processed. Finally I saw the message
"Congratulations" and I am very glad to see that.

Really it is challenging experience and during preparation gave a
good perspective/exposure of knowledge applicable to our day to day
real life. I am really pround to say Radha PMP.


Mrs Radha.L, PMP