Passed PMP - First Attempt - 5 P's

First of all i would like to thank "PmZilla forum" for the support i got lot of helpful tips and suggestions from PMP passouts. here is mine..spl thanks to my wife for her support and timely help in evaluating my test and remind me of my knowledge gaps.

Do plan ahead, PMP requires atleast 4-6 weeks of dedicated study for an average mind (like mine). i had scanned through Rita a year ago, but did not get the time then to focus and complete the PMP process. i took the steps mentioned below to finish the process.

Mainly followed this process.
1) PMP exam prep by - student study guide( graphyically explained PMBOK)
2) PMBOK - few chapters for knowledge gaps from the first book( human resources & quality management)
3) skillport - pmp prepcourse for 35 hr PDU
4) Exam papers by christopher scrudu (8 - 50 question sets)
5) Practice test on (3-4 sets) , i took one more parctice test on a different website, will find it later.
6) revised the first book day before the exam
7) practice exam paper by oliver lehman (175 questions)

Do make notes and plan to have a brain dump before the exam begins. i did formulas and motivational theory notes in 7-9 mins.

 For the exam, i had planned for 2 * three minute breaks every hour and five mins break at 3rd hour. So have a statergy and a contengency plan before you get to the exam and prepare physically for it. practice 2 exam papers on the same time as your exam - the day before and day before that, try to sit 4 hours in one spot for both of those practice tests, eat your breakfast and lunch according to your time of test. 

In the exam i fell behind in the first 30 questions which took 45 mins for me. i played catch up from then. i did manage to complete with 12 mins to spare without any breaks. i could only revise 6 out of my 28 marked questions. Answer all questions during the first pass, do not leave any question unanswered - there is no negative marking so it doenst hurt to guess. In your second pass, you can spend a bit more time to confirm the answer.

Here is what i got in the exams, some tricky questions like

1) a big paragraph about change management and the question was 'who authorizes the project' - you dint have to read the pragraph to answer.

2) a huge network precedence diagram and the question was ' what is the float on critical path' - again you dint have to calculate anything to answer the question.

Question - topic frequency (updated from someone else's post)

1.   Communication channels – 4 Q

2.   Developing Team Techniques – 5 Q  . Each stage got one question , I am surprised . FORMING STORMING NORMING PERFOMRING

3.   Inputs and Out puts questions – Jus 4-5 Q

4.   Validate scope vs control scope – 2 Q

5.   Risk responses strategies Risk transfer, Mitigate , exploit  - 6-7 Q

6.   Lessons learned usage – OPA- 5 Q – situational

7.   Costmangement  mathematical questions – 5 Q, calculating ETC etc.

8.   Critical patch questions – Jus 4 questions – on Network Diagram

9.   PERT- estimate- 2Q.

10. 7 QC  – almost all tools – 7 Q.

11. Various contract types choosing – 4 Q- situational

12. Conduct Procurements—Tools – 2 Q

13. Plan procurements- 2Q

14. Project \Phase closure- 3-5 Q

15. Organization structure selection  Functional- matrix – advantages , dis advantages , situation questions 7-8 Q

16. Project charter  questions more than expected – 7-8 Q

17. Conflict resolution techniques – 6-8 Q

18. SPI, CPI interpretations – 5-6 Q  .Just interpretations.

19. ChangeManagent plan \ CCB questions – So many questions – 25- 30 Q

20. Motivation theory Theory of X- only 1 Q- in entire exam.

21. Staff Management plan usages – 3-4 Q

22. Authorization system – 4-5 Q

23. resource optimizations Techniques – Leveling and smoothing – 3-4Q . both techniques

24. Plan quality – 2Q

25. WBS usages – 3-4 Q

26. 26 Communication management plans – 4-5 Q

27. Expected Monetary value questions 6-7 .

28. Quality assurance and Control quality questions – 7-8 Q

29. Crashing/Fast tracking 3-5 Q

30. Graph Intrepretation, Risk register Interpretation, RACI chart interpretation - 3Q 

Good Luck!