Passed PMP in first attempt on 28th November 2009


I am pleased to clear the PMP Exam on 28th Nov. in first attempt.  I would like to share some of my following insights into the preparatory process for the Exam:

1.  A sustained and continuous time frame of 3 months should be kept aside for the preparatory study, which should include 2-3 hours daily study plus longer studies on off days.

2.  Indepth study and understanding of the PMBOK are essential, since every word there is a potential question.

3.  Remembering/understanding TTOS with logic and intelligence is very helpful.

4. Proper and adequate study of PMBOK should be supplemented with study of at least one or two good books on PMP exams.For me, Andy Crowe and Kim Heldman worked well.

5.  Last but not the least, there is no substitute for good and hard mock practice online, both free and paid ones.


Good luck to all aspiring PMPs.

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Congratulations Kamkish and Thanks for sharing your tips.


Congratulations for passing PMP exam.

Which free and paid mock exam you performed before real exam?


I used the following online mock tests:

A.  Free Mock Tests


B.  Paid Mock Test


I took 45 day validity module for the paid online test.