Passed PMP in First Attempt on 28th January 2016

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Hello All,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, I have successfully passed PMP certification exam in first attempt on 28th January 2016 .

I would like to thank, Admin and Members,, Rita’s PM FASTrack for their help and support.

Books used for Preparation:

1. Head First

2. Rita’ PMP Exam Prep

3. PMBOK 5th Edition

Path used for Preparation:

Phase I:

1. First read complete chapter/KA (Knowledge Area) and underlined important points in specific chapter/KA from Head first then solved Question.

2. Then read same chapter/KA from Rita and of course underlined so many important points and solved Rita’s Question.

3. Then read same chapter/KA, underlined and confirmed each and every topic is crystal clear in my mind from PMBOK and highlighted points missing from Head First and Rita.


1. Attempted and treated questions as chapter/KA wise exam and scored almost 85% to 97% for Head First, and for Rita 67% to 92%.

2. Yes, some points are missing in Head First and Rita but they are in PMBOK (You will come to know, when you read PMBOK very very carefully).

3. Average time for each chapter from each book is 3 hours. i.e. Total 9 hours for each chapter.


Phase II:

1. Read only underlined important points in specific chapter/KA from Head first then Question and Answer.

2. Then read so many important points  underlined  in same chapter/KA from Rita and then Question and Answer.

3. Then read only underlined points from PMBOK.

4. Then attempted Rita’s PM FASTrack like PMP exam for that specific chapter/KA.



1. For first time, treating each question and answer as exam is very much important, for improving seriousness for final PMP exam.

2. For Rita’s PM FASTrack Chapter/KA wise scored average 79.2%.


Phase III:

Initially I planned to carefully revise important and underlined points from all three books again.

But, after attempting very serious questions from Rita’s PM FASTrack, understood importance of ITTO and its sequence.

I already understood each and every ITTO independently in Phase I and Phase II.

Then I started to logically understand and remember the sequence of all ITTO.


While doing this 100% remembered all 10 KA definition, benefits, inputs, tools and techniques and outputs.


Mock Tests:

1. – All 4 Tests Avg. score 78%

2. Oliver Lehman 75 and 175 Questions – Avg. score 81%

3. Tough 200 Questions + 100 Bonus Questions – Scored 52%


Actual PMP Experience:

1. As per new exam pattern only Tough questions and answer explanations helped me to attempt actual PMP exam questions.

This I came to know, while attempting actual PMP exam.

I am not marketing, but those who are going to appear PMP exam in coming days, must go at least once or twice through Tough 200 questions.

Don’t worry though you score less go through answer and explanations to align your way of answering questions in actual PMP.

2. Also remembering and understanding logical sequence of all ITTO helped me selecting correct answer in actual PMP.

3. Only 4-5 Numerical questions.

4. More than 90% situational questions.

5. Not a single question directly asking for ITTO for any KA. All are situational.

6. Lengthy or Full Page questions are just taking time to read but very very easy to select correct answer.

7. Much more careful reading of PMBOK required for selecting correct answer. Otherwise takes time to think too much.



1. Read PMBOK very very carefully.

2. Remembering ITTO logically (not mugging up blindly).

3. Either (Rita’s PM FASTrack) or ( – All 4 Tests + All Study Material = Gold Plan)

4. All free test available online but should be genuine and with satisfactory explanations for answers.

Wish to write so many things, but summarized as much as possible.

If anyone having any issue or needs any guidance or help, please feel free to email me on

Thank you.

Best regards,

Darssshan Chaudhari, PMP®

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Congratulations on your PMP Darssshan!




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Dear Darsshan , Congratulations and delighted to see your endorsement for PMZilla tough Questions. I am sure if people use PMZilla Questions they will benefit. 

Thanks for sharing your PDF