Passed PMP Feb 17, 2017

My exam was situational, situational and situational questions.

Got 2Ps  for Initiating/Planning and 3MPs for the rest.

Reference; Edwel, RITA, PMBOK and ebooks

Mock exams: the freebies from Oliver and others and purchased Prepcast and

Found myself going back to those references and mock exams, especially from pmzest.

It is the application of PMBOK to those situational questions not memorize and then spit it out.

Good luck for those aspirants still working on their exams.

Never never never give up.


What did you do in the 24 hours before the test?

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Congratulations on your PMP. 

That's very good. Congrats!

Those who want to read the experiences of recent PMPs can look at the following link.

PMP Experience

Good luck.