Passed PMP exams on 04/25/2015 with 3 P[Planning, Monitoring, Closing] and 2 MP[Initiating and Closing]

Hello All,
First of all a big thank you to PM Zilla and its contributors for providing an avenue to discuss PMP topics.
 I cleared my exam on 4/25.
1. Started studying seriously from end of Nov 2014. My contact hours and application process was completed much before.
2. I read through Rita couple of times and started solving Sordo's mock test. Almost after completing 80 % of RITA I was solving Scordo. Also after reading a chapter in RITA, I would test myself with the questions provided at the end of each topic and make notes.
3. Right from the beginning, I started making my own  handwritten notes and would occassionally go back and refer them. Referring to notes was my greatest comfort zone in the last few days of the exam with dates on them. This was reassuring mentally ,that I have studied these topics and just revising them. But made sure I would go back to RITA as well to read through previously skipped areas.
4. As I was solving Scordo's test, it references back to the PMBOK. So used PMBOK as a reference point in the beginning. Later I realised there were some topics not covered in detail in RITA. Few topics which I recollect now are
1) Stakeholder Analysis/Classification.
2) Normal distribution
So started reading PMBOK in little more detail, and in the end after revising a topic from RITA , I would go through PMBOK  to see if if any topic is missed or better explained. Also started focussing on ITTO only in the last few weeks. Tried memorising but its extremely difficult. Instead focus hard on understanding the concepts.
4. Test taken
Scordo- Averaged between 75% -83 %
SIMPLI lEARN - 1 st exam- 68 %, 2 nd exam- 74% 3 rd exam- 80%  4 th exam-78 %. I started making notes atleast of the questions I got wrong or got it right just by guess.
Head First(is very easy and a morale booster)- 84 %
Free PMP Simulators- dont recollect exactly but was above 70 %
Oliver- 75 questions- 70 %
Oliver 175 questions-77 %
Apart from this whichever sites had a free PMP test, I would take it. Also made sure , I downloaded some apps on my phone, So would solve questions or go through flascards during travel time.
5. Exam time-
My work schedule was crazy and also I have a 4 year old son. All this time it was extremely difficult to juggle between different duties, but my husband made sure I get to study after I am back from offfice. Last 2-3 weeks, after office I would buy some food ,ate it in the car,  and would go to library  and study for 3 hours, come home, if I had energy would read again.
Last week of the exam was super crazy workwise, making me think should I reschedule the exam. Due to other pressures, I started feeling that I do not recollect any stuff. But tried to do some mind management and thought, if I am come so close, I should give the exam. I was extremely scared of failing but in the end I thought this is all I could have done. I dont have anything more to offer.
Exam day- My exam was on Sat 12.30 p.m. I had taken a day off on Friday. Tried to go through most of the notes, but after 9.00 pm. I felt I was done. I know its advisable to sleep well, but I couldnt sleep as I was not keeping well and so was my son. On Saturday morning, I lay in my bed till 8.30 simply beacause I was very tired, I woke up, and heard my regular prayers on You tube and got ready. I had a light lunch, drank an Emergen C( glucose water) and went to the exam hall. I reached at 12.00(half hour early). They let me in. My hands were literally shaking. I did my brain dump and had 3 minutes to spare, but went ahead and started the exam.
First hour- 65 questions
After 80 questions I took a break for 5-7 min
2nd Hour- Another 60 questions. I noticed my speed was not consistent, I was feeling extremely tired and looking at the screen continiously was making it difficult to think. I would pause for some time and start again.
I finished 30 minutes before and had a lot of questions for review in the first 50 questions. I changed few answers but for the remaining I did not. The questions were moderatly difficuly, mine had an increased focus on scope, cost and  Human resources and procurement, I could see lot of questions from these topics.
I was done with the review and had 9 minutes to spare. I decided to experience the moment of truth. There was a short survey and in few seconds I saw the "Congratulations"  What  a relief. It took me some seconds to confirm that I actually passed.
All this while , I was thinking how do I determine that I am ready for the PMP exam. Got the answe r after passing though :) Understand your concepts thorougly and consistently scoring score of 70-75 and above. You should be good.

Once again Thank you All.
Poonam Warang

Congratulationz and thanks for the LL !!!


Heartiest congratulations!!! Poonam for achieving PMP Status

I can understand the feeling when you actually read the word"CONGRATULATIONS" on the screen.

Next thing which must be bothering you is how to renew your certificate.

Sharing a very informative link with you for the same




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Congratulations Poonam

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Congrats !!

Congratulations! :)


Hi Poonam,

Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for sharing your PMP experince.