Passed PMP exam today:)

Hi Everyone,

Its been a blessed day for me today after passing my PMP exams.

This is my second time to sit for the exam, and oh boy... i was relieved heavily the moment i saw on the screen " Congratulations"

I was also one of those lucky ones chosen for audit :)


Studied for 6 weeks: 3hrs per day 6 hrs during weekends.

I would be sharing the materials that I've used:

1. Scordo book-pass PMP exam in 24Hrs.

2. PMBOOK 5th edition- read it 2 times , second reading I focused on the ANNEX , Apendixes and Glosary

3. Rita Mulchahy - referring to it for topics that I wnt to strengthen.

4. PMP CBT nuggets ( aligned with PMP 5th edition)-- i find this very useful to have a solid foundation,


Mock Exams:

1. Scordo -- very good for gauging the fundamentals - finished all mock exams there.




Lessons learned:

1. Dont memorize the ITTO's, we must be able to comprehend it for us to know when to apply it.

2. use eliminations method for the multiple choice selection

3. for the EVM questions, try reverse engineering to get the correct answer form the set of choices.

4. I made sure i dont saty more than 60 secs for a quesitons i find difficukt to answer.

1min 12 secs per question is the max time we can have to finish all 200Q's in 4hours.

5. Learn to uncover our weaks spots.

6. DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, and DISCIPLNE-- this must be develop first.

Once we have decided to take PMP , we must commit to it.


Thank you PMZILLA for helping me in my journey of being a PMP.

Thank you also to those persons the shared their experiences



Jef, PMP ^__^




can you share the result of all your mock exam you did


Hi Philz.


Here are my rating:

for scordo: - ive got 87% average

for oliverlehamn, i just choose to answer the "H" sets - my rating was above 82%

 I was also surprised that i scored that high, maybe prayers+hardwork do pays off..

congrats what are your test scores ?

Hi Askb,

ive got





C- BP ^___^

Hi Jeffrey,

Congratulation on your PMP

Poonam Patel

Thanks Poonam, the feeling is great, never felt this good for 2015 :)

You score high on mock but it doesnt reflect on your exam. It means exam was difficult ? how do you rate.

Yes, it was a bit difficult, since i did not slept the whole night for it.

brain not 100% efficient. I just stick with what i have learned and luckyly passed the exam