Passed PMP exam today , 4Ps & 1MP

 Hi All,

I passed my PMP exam today with 4Ps and 1MP (Closing) , Below are my LL:


1 - Read Rita 2 times cover to cover , answer all the chapter questions with analysis for both Right and Wrong answers.

2- Read PMBOK 4 times Slowely and make notes.

Mock Tests:

 1 - PMStudy (1 and 2).

  2- Simplilearn (free + 4 paid)

 3 - Oliver Lehman

 4 - Scordo

Average Score  80%

Exam Experience

1 - Actually the exam was  niether  difficult nor lengthy , all questions almost based on reading PMBOK and understanding what you're reading as it doesn't test memorization.

2 - Questions style was unique and simple.

3- Math Questions were a little twested, but still not too difficult. I do recommend to mark them all to the second round.

4- About two direct ITTO , no Ethics Qs.

5 - I finished the first round  in 3 hrs and reviewed the marked Qs and math Qs in 50 min without break.

My advice just to stick with PMBOK and take mock tests as you can; the exam is easy but need some concentration when reading the Qs.

Thanks for PMZilla and Good Luck for all.


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