Passed PMP exam on March 11, 2015 -- 5.58 PM


Cleared my exam on march 11 with 4 P and 1 MP on Planning. 

This has been a very active forum, and thanks to all the contributors. 

So, I started my studies in September last year. I found myself a study partner.. He was based out of Mumbai, and we started to get into Skype calls and had weekly one hour discussions. So I encourage everyone to find yourself a study partner if you already do not have one. 

And then, to choose the right guidance. After some research, I chose to go ahead with IZenBridge.. It was again a excellent choice to go ahead with Izenbridge. Mr. Saket Bansal has all his lectures recorded. As it is visually oriented, with him giving his lectures.. I found it extremely useful. What I had done is, as I was playing the lectures I used to make notes as well. ( One sheet of paper for each process, front and back ). These notes were quite helpful for me esp in the final day to just run through the different processes.  Along with that, there are also pre-recorded webinars on topics which I found it very useful. The staff from IZenBridge are also very good, and very prompt and helpful. I wish to thank Saket again for all his help. 

Apart from the IZenbridge, I also had purchased the PM Prepcast simulator 8 exams ( I attempted 6 of them ) and again, they are good, and gives you that needed preparation and areas where you need to focus on. 

During the last 2 days, I attempted the PMStudy 1 free exam, which is also good, and with good explanations as well. I would encourage you to go through atleast 1 exam of PMStudy as well. 

I also attempted Oliver Lehmann ( 175 + 75 questions ), Christopher Scordo all 20 Chapters. 

My advise to anyone would be that once you feel you are ready after the mocks, just go ahead and fix the date, and then work backwards. Else you will feel you are never thorough and it just keeps getting delayed. 

During exam date, its better to be cool and relaxed (though I was not :) ). I used all the time 4 hours without a break, and finished my last review question in the last few minutes. There are quite a few EVM questions, communication channels, CR type questions. If you are getting consistent results in the mocks, the exam should be quite OK. 

Wishing all prospective PMP students all the very best of luck. And please do let me know if you have any specific queries.






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Congratulations !!! and stay connected for future learning and earning PDUs :-)


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Congratulations on your PMP. Thanks for your post here.



I am second time test taker, have read PMBOK 3 times, and RITA 2 times, my exam is scheduled on 4th April. Today I started attempting mock test, and the first one I attempted was OliverLehmann. (75 question) and scored 57%....seems frustraing.


Can any one guide me, how should I prepare? on daily basis how many question I should attemp to get more concept clears? and still how many times I should read PMBOK as I don't have enough time to prepare can allocate daily 4 hrs max...

Any other sites for exam practice?

Need help experts

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Its Ok You just focus on the concepts & try to read it with understanding.

you will improve ur score.

Be cool & calm, thats too imprtant.



Don't be dissapointed with your score on Oliver Lehman sample test. I had scored a 52% when I took it 5 days before the exam but still cleared my exam last week in 1st attempt. This is the most difficult sample exam I have seen. Most of the concepts that are not mentioned in PMBOK will not come in the actual exam. However, I suggest that you do try and understand in details the concepts that are in PMBOK through this exam. 

I have provided my tips and experience on my blog as well.



Thanks for encouragement. Appreciated.

Since, I have 2 weeks remaining, can you suggest me what free mock test I should attemp? can you share the website?

Do you recommend to buy any? do share that too? 

Big Congratulations to you Santosh!!!

You deserved it :)


Best wishes,