Passed PMP Exam (Halloween Special)

 What worked for me:

1) PMBOK -> know it cold!!!! As for the ITTOs -> what I did was memorize the unique ITTOs (when to perform quality audits, when is scope baseline an output, etc.)

2) PMPerfect Question Bank

3) Rita's book -> only thing that I read from that book were those theories (X,Y, etc.) 


If you have any questions regarding the exam, please leave a message on the board w/ your contact info and I will e-mail you. 


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I need the following info,

Mocks which u can compare with real exams. 

Diffculty level of the exam. 

%age wise distribution, like scenario based, ITTO, numerical, 

any strategy u followed for the exam. 


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~ Diba


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Thank you.

 Dear Friend,

         Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.






 PMPerfect Question bank pls




 Congrats , my mail id is

 Congrats email me