Passed PMP exam first attempt on 30 JULY

Hi all,

I would like to share some of my LL for studying the PMP exam.

I have been preparing the exam for at least 6 months here are the tools I used:

Rita 7th ed. exam prep book - read 3 times in detail and skimmed countless time. Actually I think there is no use to read the book for the first 2 times before you understand what PMBoK wants you to understand. My suggestion is read in detail after you have some concepts on PMBoK, otherwise you you just read a bunch of words that you dont understand.

PMBoK 4th ed. - read 2 tiems in detail and skimmed countless time. It was really a boring book and made me sleep, but once you understand the relationship between the processes and ITTO, you can proceed much faster and started to understand Rita. It is also a good reference when you look for explanations for wrong answers in mock tests.

Rita FASTrack - A must have tool to test your understand on PMBoK and check whether you are ready to get into the exam. I will share my way of using it later on.

PM study - Tried free exam 1 only. good tool yet free.

Free resources on PMI website - did about 1000+ questions, but frankly speaking there was not helpful to me

PMP Exam Trainer iPhone app - a good tool to refresh your memory when you were travelling and the it contained detailed explantions with reference to PMBoK

ITTO excel sheet - another must have tool! Thanks jamal for contributing! it really helped me to think how the processes are related.

My suggestion:

DO NOT try any mock test before you are ready to do so. Without much understanding to take the test is just a waste of resources and when you do the questions again afterwards, you are just using your memory to answer the questions rather than knowing how to solve the problem.

DO NOT just attempt the questions. Makr down those were answered wrongly, Read the explanations, check the PMBoK, THINK, and jot down your own notes. Then review your notes at a later time to refresh, and tuned up your mind to think in a PMI way. I did so many tests at the beginning and got wrong answers, but I just read the explanations and skipped them. I didn't get improved for the beginning months in this way and so I tried the method as I mentioned. Using FASTrack with this method magically boosted up correct way to think in a PMI way and I felt much confident for the real one!

DO NOT expect any mock exams that are close to the real one. In my opinion there are no mock exams close to the real one. That's why I tried to think in a PMI way in order to answer the questions.

Get prepared to stay focus for 4 full hours. I did a lot exams and none of them were needed to stay focus for all the exam time except PMP. The process was so painful and if you do not get prepared, you won't perform well.

DO NOT MEMORISE! You have to remember some equestions and processes, but there is no use to memorise all the ITTO and the relationship. Using memorisation to take exams is my strength and I killed most of the exam, but I found there is not much use with my strengh in PMP exam. The questions of PMP exam are well made, tricky, lengthy and tried to mislead you to a wrong decision so memorisation without understand the whole story won't help. Trust me, try to understand the whole story.

I am glad that I can pass the PMP exam and I think this is the greatest archivement I got up to this moment. Although I just got 3P and 2 MP, I am happy to tell I pass my PMP to my boss:)

Just let me know if you have any questions and any things that you think I might help.


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 Congratulations on your PMP !