Passed PMP exam Aug 6 2015 - Here is my story

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Obtained 35 hours and registered for exam the last week of 

May, but I knew I had to come with a plan before exam day. I took the advice I took the advice from many forums including PMZilla and Prepcast. To schedule the exam as a milestone for planning. I scheduled the  exam for 26 Aug 15. That would give me 3 full months to study if I needed it. My plan consisted of watching Prepcast videos, reading Headfirst and Ritas book and then following up with the same chapter in PMBOK. For me this was a really good way to truly understand the material. i followed this plan consistently everyday for 7 days a week until complete. This took a month. I finished during 4 Jul 15 weekend. After complete I started taking simulated exams. The exams were Prepcast simulated, Headfirst, and Andy Crowes simulated(read Andy Crowes book after 4 Jul). I took a total of 7 full exams. Scored 80 percent on 5 of them and 70 percentile on 2 of them. It was after my 4th exam that I rescheduled the exam from 21 Aug to 6 Aug because I did not want to pay the 70 dollars reschedule fee. I did this on 19 Jul. At that point I had 2.5 weeks until the exam. I used that time to review and finalize my brain dump. My rescheduled exam was 530pm and I knew I didnt want to take it that late so I planned to request a time change. On exam day I went to prometric center at 8am and talked to admin. The lady asked me if I wanted to take it early and offered me any time slot I wanted. I agreed to come back at noon. I wanted to get this test behind me. I went in at noon and the admin offered me a room alone. She said it was rare but it was open so it was good for me because it meant no distractions. I took the entire 3hrs 55mins for the exam with 5 mins review. I suggest read every question carefully. I spent 15 mins drawing out a network diagram only to find out the question asked for the float of the critical path. After it was complete I waited for my results and I passed. It felt very good I even cried a tear because of all the hard work and sacrifice i put towards it. I hope this helps someone.

stay resilient and focused and it can happen for you. Wayne