Passed PMP Exam - 8th July - Lessons Learned

I am not a very active member of this group, but have utilized this group by reading other's posts on how they passed/failed the exam.

> Completed 4 days PMP training from REP about 2 years back - Due to work & personal life schedules couldnt continue and was distracted.

> Started preparing 6 months back.
- Read PMBOK from beginning to end including appendix and glossary, then studied from Rita's book and solved chapter end questions. Used Head First for those areas where i had problems understanding topics.
- Did PMBOK and Rita second reading end to end. Solved chapter end questions of Head First.
- Made lots of notes while reading.
- Whenever i took chapter end tests/mock exams - made sure to revisit questions i had doubt while solving/wrongly answered and made a note of my gaps and worked more on opportunities.
- DID NOT MEMORIZE ITTOs; just understood the flow.
- Rajesh Nair's notes were a great help :)

> Mock Tests:
- 101 Math question -
- Head first 200 mock exam - Scored 78%
- Scordo tests from PMI (for members only) - was scoring between 75% to 80%
- Oliver lehmann 175 questions - scored 68%
- Simplilearn 200 mock questions - scored 75%
- PMZilla 30 tough questions- scored 50%
- Used PM Fast track questions on initiating and closing - was running out of time for others.

> EXAM Day:
- Had 8AM slot today, reached 15 minutes prior, completed all formalities.
- During computer tutorial of 15 minutes, made use of time to brain dump Page 43 from PMBOK, 25 planning processes in sequence (Rita), all mathematical formulas. Still had some time - made note of quality/HR theories.
- Questions were not more than 4 - 5 lines; Felt easy with the preparation made. 
- Had 25 math questions; about 30 questions on definitions (glossary from PMBOK helped here), 10 questions from ITTO directly & rest were situational questions.

RESULT - PASSED with Proficient in Planning & Executing. Moderately Proficient in Initiating, Monitoring & Closing.

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