PASSED PMP EXAM on 4th March 2014

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On exam day I left early from my place to  Exam center and reached an 1 hour early there & had a  TEA with some snacks to release my pressure
I still had 45 mins. for the Exam so I decided to go through with Tools & Tech. from my own notes and able to Memorize many of them which really helped me a lot during the exam.

During the initiate 15mins of Tutorial, I dumped Processes & Formula on paper in about 12 mins. & started the exam.

I was pretty nervous in initial 20 set of questions and as soon as I am comfortable with exam pattern I got some confidence back to answer rest of it. I didn't take any break during the exam but after every 50 questions I used to stand up the strech myself to get the focus back

I finished up 200 Question with 15 mins. remaining and I used that time to Review some questions and changed few answers as well.

Clicked Finished and Hurrey !!!!!! Congratulations for Passing PMP Exam

Tips & Lessons Learned

* Prefered Books Rita Mulcahy 8th Edition, Head First & PMBOK for sure. - one can use any of the books

* Give around 1000-2000 Test Question for 200 Mock Test before attempting the real exam. Recommended Rita PMP Fast Track 8 ressemble the most

* Have a good sleep before exam night to keep your mind relax & calm.

* Try to understand Tools & Techniques logically - believe me it's not that difficult

* Manage your exam time effeciently else you would have to speed up anwsering questions.

* Believe in Yourself & your studies and trust me you'll crack it, it's not Impossible !

Best of Luck !

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Congratulations on your PMP.

congragulations and thanks for your advise.

Many congratulations on your success :)