Passed PMP Exam on 21/01/2011

Finally I got my PMP certification.. it was really a hurricane task for me considering the effort i put in. Now I can sleep, enjoy the time with my son and do whatever i could not in last couple of weeks atleast. I have learned a lot from this forum so I thought let me share my experience... although nothing new you would find in the below mentioned.

  • First have a reason for you to do PMP certification as this will motivate you in studying
  • I started with Rita and finished that book around 2-3 times. Remember the thing which is important is not how many times but how much you get out of it... The book is good for concepts and it helped me lot in answering situational questions.
  • Read the book slowly but at least twice as first time i guess only 20-30 % will make way into head. The questions comes directly from the matter between the lines.
  • In the last week I started with Andy crowe since my performance in sample papers were not going beyond 70-75 %. Andy is good for ITTO and make sure you make ur own notes of the same while or after you study the same.
  • Regarding questions, I had Rita's Fastrack which is really good and quality of questions is at par of PMP real questions. Also worked with Andy (all of the questions), HeadFirst Sample paper and questions after chapters. Also gave 2 sample test (free one) on

After all these tests was totally tired and there was no time to do any more.

Make sure once you reach the exam center, have a break of 15-30 mins before starting the exam. This will help you in releiving stress etc.

Thats it Guys.... Now i am back with my time for my family :)


Vinish Gupta (PMP)