Passed PMP exam in 1st attempt on Sep 25th 2017

I am excited and thrilled after passing PMP exam which was in my to-do list since
early Y2016. My take away from this exam and respective preparation is that no matter how much time someone spends on preparation, in the end how you prepare yourself in last 2 weeks that is critical and in the end when you see the congratulations screen, all your hard work get paid off.

Quick tips for new aspirants from my end -
1. Don't drag yourself for more study and more mock tests.
2. For preparation, PMBOK is must which everyone says and i totally agree with that logic. Don't dependent on just any other alternate book other than PMBOK. You may not be lucky like few who never went through PMBOK and passed the exam.
3. Search for good free mock tests. if you are doing 70-80% in easy mock tests, it will not help you in real exam. Find mock test where you will feel challenged (where you score 50-60 or may be 65). I found one at "PMZest" just 3 weeks before when i appeared in the exam and like to recommend. Reasons are - first, quality questions and second, you can get valuable guidance from Mr Anmol Sinha if you think you are struggling in tough mock tests.
4. Believe me, i spoke to Mr. Sinha 2 weeks before my exam when my score was not going beyond 62 or 63/100 in 5-6 mock tests (100 Q each). After talking to him I worked on his expert advise ... and got the positive result.

All the best to all new PMP aspirants.


That's very good. Congrats!

Those who want to read the experiences of recent PMPs can look at the following link.

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Good luck.