Passed PMP exam

Hi all....


I have passed the PMP exam and took 2 days for me to believe this and write now

The exam was a challenge .....and I really thank pmzilla members for all their support and I will share my LL soon.

Special thanks to PMZILLA admin as the ebook was one of the best books which helped me clear all gaps.

Dipti Raisoni 




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Dear Friend,

         Congrats on clearing PMP exam. Kindly share across indetail LL and your experience towards the journey of achieving PMP.



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Congratulations Dipti and thanks for endorsing PMZilla Qs. 

Finally here I am back before I could miss more writing about my experience of passing PMP.

So, my journey started in 2009 when my husband decided to kick start my career with this certification after 3 yrs of experience in this field.I had attended the training and as they say untill you book a date you can never become serious, so was the case with me….

Again as time passed I had decided to start studying and by then the PMBOK 5th version was on its way. I wanted to attend another training session (this time free one) as I got the same done in my company.

Attended the 4 day training in last October with reading of books like Headfirst PMP, and Rita. After the training I had decided to give the exam by january end, but still due to improper planning and other family functions and  commitments could not decide on date.

Then again by February this year I deeply thought if I really want to fo for PMP.My inner voice say's YES:) and I noticed when ever I in office in my free time I used to be maximum on PMZILLA and Izenbridge.Something was not allowing me to let go PMP craze!

I finally decided and wrote a sticky note "It's now or NEVER" and "DO OR DIE" and used it see it everyday.I finally filled my PMP application form and submitted it. Mine was not selected for audit.:)

Next step to choose the date and schedule the exam, this really tickeled my fear and selected May 27th as D date.

By April I started serious studying of books and understanding concepts which I read on izenbridge blog and forums, read Rita again and this time concepts made more sense and then PMBOK.

Like this I read Rita 3 times, PMBOK 3 times in total when I felt I was confident to give the mock exams.

I had earlier praticed Christopher Scordo KA and Mock exams…..and scored around 65-70%.

Mid April I started to give Rita exam and scored approx 65%.I decided to give more mocks and chose Edwel, Headfirst 200 and few Prepcast Q@A.

Also registered in groups like "I Want to be PMP"(Oliver's) and PMSTUDY. I finally decided to also buy PMZILLA 200 tough questions as it was very useful to actually see my gaps.

Scored around 60-65% and felt like "Am I really prepared"? Then I decided to give Oliver's 175 q and scored 72%, followed by pmstudy test 3 where I scored 72%. In total I practiced 3700 qts.

Understood the ITTO and practices the formulas in the last 1 week.Skimmed PMBOK and Rita again.

To add I had my husbands support throughout where he used to encourage me and said he has faith that I will Pass. There were times when I used to loose confidence when I could not answer right.

But good thing this helped me cover my gap.

So finally arrived at the test center a day before. …to see the facility and on my exam day went an hour early, and my check in procedure was completed in like 10 mins and I started the exam.

Initially I was confident and could only answer 35 wts in 1 hour was like race against time…….in the next hour reached 120 and I was lost I felt I will never pass and decided to give this a second shot.

Again I motivated myself saying answer next few and see how it goes I pushed myself untill 165 qts and this time tears  and fear of not passing marked around 25 qts for review and last 15 minuted I STILL HAD 25 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER. :)

I am still wondering how fast I kept the pace to answer and my bad luck I could not review the questions….and my exam timed out.

My heart was beating fast and there came a survey…and the feeling of seeing the "CONGRATULATIONS" cannot be defined. I called the test center guy to actually read the screen to me and he said " mam your hard work paid" and you have passed.

I bowed in front of the PC and thanked almighty and passed with 4MP and 1 BP….when I felt I was in the SKY:)


Finally I am relaxing now, spending time with my family and want to live back my normal life……………which I was longing was since 2 months.


So with proper planning and commitment I am sure all will go well.

"Do your BEST and God will do the REST"


Best wishes,



First of all congrates Dipti:-)

And second I swear I had tearas in my eys while reading this..because I know How much effort we are putting into this..Leaving our nirmal lifes behind..we all share lesson learn what we did right and wrong and that is indeed very helpful but your post made me to blieve that If "We want..We will""

I am sure..soon I will write the same as I am somewhat like going through the same phase:-)

Congratulations again:-)


Thankyou Nisha...for all the kind wishes.....and I am sure you will do it well.



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Congratulations... Dipti's picture

Congrats !!

Could you please send us any links and documents like q/a , books etc.