Passed PMP exam on 13th Dec 2016

Hi All,

I have passed my PMP exam on 13th Dec 2016.

My preparation was a long journey due to Personal and Professional Commitments. Whenever I got time I used to study Rita, I studied seriously in last 2-3 months.

My resources:

1. I took formal training to get 35 PDUs.

2. Rita and PMBOK.

3. I did following questions bank:

a) 1500 questions from my training provider.

b) Rita’s Chapter End Questions

c) Oliver Lehmann 175 Questions

d) Oliver Lehmann 75 Questions

e) iZenbridge 100 questions

f) pm-exam-simulator

g) pmstudy

4) I talked to Mr. Anmol Sinha owner of, who was always ready for guidance and always asked me to be confident. Every question was related to PMBOK, Situational questions and that happens in the real exam also. If you get 60-65% in his questions you are almost ready to go. 

Believe in yourself, do study seriously and try to understand concepts.

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Many congratulations Shampi. Thanks for sharing your LL.

Inderjeet, PMP

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Congratulations on your PMP. Thanks for this post.


Practice using this site . I have gained enough confidence to take this tough exam.

Good luck.


Congratulations Shampi and thank you for sharing your lessons learnt. 

If possible, please also share how much score you used to get in practice tests, knowledge area / process group wise sample test scores, and your achieved pmp proficiency levels.