Passed PMP exam on 05Aug08

Hello all. I passed the PMP exam today in MD. Lessons Learned:

I've been studying off/on since April. The two primary study materials were PMP Exam Prep (Rita's book) and PMP In-Depth (Sanghera). I concentrated heavily on understanding the processes rather than memorizing them along with inputs/outputs. That seemed to work for me better in taking the exam simulators. I also attended a 3-day course by ESI called Managing Projects. It was not a bootcamp by any means - it emphasized everyday project management concepts and techniques which benefited me as well. For simuilation exams, I used those here on pmzilla, Oliver Lehman, pmstudy, RIta's fsample exams and fast track (disk that came with the book, not the full blown Fast Track), and the final exam in the back of PMP In-Depth. They all helped me in determining I was ready to take the exam.

The exam itself seemed loaded with questions that each stretched across multiple PM disciplines - I had to read the question very carefully to determine where PMI was coming from regarding the correct answer. There were a number of relatively easy questions to answer as well.

I had a few formula based questions but nothing dramatic. I also found scheduling less intense than I was prepared for.

My total test time was just over 3 hours. I took a few minutes to review my marked answers and ended up changing two of them (I think for the better). The delay after submitting the survey following the test nearly made my heart skip - I could feel my heart rate gradually increasing as I hit submit on the last survey question. I closed my eyes, opened them and saw my PMI package would be arriving in about 6 weeks - Congratulations. Unvbelievable relief at that point.

I'm relieved to be finished, but as they say, I'm really just beginning. Good luck to all aspiring PMPs!

Bob (Maryland, USA)

Thanks for sharing the valuable information on your exam experience.


Congratulation Bob for clearing one of the toughest exams in word. And thank for sharing your experience with us.

Would you mind to share Rita’s Fast track CD’s password with us!

Thanks in advance


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Congratulations on this achievement and Thanks for sharing the LL and your experience with PMP.

With Best regards

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