Passed PMP 6/14/2016

Hi Guys,

I passed my PMP today, with four MP and one P. I was thinking about taking PMP since last 5 years but got caught up with either work or family  related stuff. So 2016 was the year I decided to become PMP certified.

I made couple of mistakes and not want to anyone doing that.

Initially I used online Video/guide, which turn out to be complete waste of time. So it's okay to follow other books/Video but should be limited, I would say only at the beginning. And once you have the high level of understanding of processes and knowledge area, then it’s time to move to PMBOK. 

I studied kind of 2 month but out of that one month was wasted on online video.  Primarily last one month I was totally focusing on PMBOK and only PMBOK. I read PMBOK three times, understand all the process flow chart/diagram/ITTO.  


I think there is not much value spending time on other resources than PMBOK, and I have not found  even one sample test close to real-exam.

So just stick to PMBOK and you should be good!.


All the Best!





First of all ,  Congrats.  

I read posts regularly and get different views on mock exams.

Can you please tell what exams you had taken and scores ( if possible ) ? It will help pmp asiprants like me a lot. 


thanks & regards,

~ Rudresh



Hello Rudresh,


I have tried pretty-much  all free stuff, and one paid(can’t name  them). The problem with these tests are they are not as wordy as real PMP exam. It gets tricky in PMP because of scenario based questions and two answers turn out to be real close to each other. In fact, you could really make strong case  for either of two.

Due to all of this, time crunch start. So please make sure that you are looking at clock and remaining questions.  At the first half hour I was doing really good with time and then got caught-up with some tricky questions.  But eventually you don't have much time to give complete thought to each question.


All the Best!





Thanks a lot.

Yes wordy questions and 2 very close answers to watch out for. I am trying to find similar questions from paid and free exams. 

Have tried quite a few mock exams and will be able to tell which was close or pmp exam was mix of some of them once I complete my pmp exam.

Thanking you again. 


Thanks & regards,

~ Rudresh

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing this.

First of all congratulations for passing PMP exam.

I just have one question, did you ever real Rita book during your prepration journy.

Thanks in advance.