Passed PMP on 5th Nov

Hi All,

Finally I got my part going... erstwhile peeper into this forum , now someone who is sharing his experience of a successful journey. So , yes I am happy indeed.

My PMP journey began earlier in June 2014, when I was already working as a PM for some time. But it was mainly around that time I wanted formally an acknowledgement that would prevail beyond my company's premises. So I thought of taking advantage of the 35 mandatory hrs of training session that was being organized in a 6 weeks program , as a part of developing PMs at my company.

But, as luck would have had it.. I got drifted away to 'other' and so many other 'errands' :) .. Life never stops them for sure... and before I realised , it was a year or more over , and I was still not with even an iota distance of executing my plan - being a PMP.

So, around the middle of August , I discovered that the exam is going to change very soon(now it is 11th Jan 2016) - decided , enough of contemplation - Let it be now or never ! I applied for a PMI membership and then booked the date.

Looked around a bit , and found this lovely forum - the stories and guidances would ignite my enthusiasm and keep me going. It has not been an easy journey. Work , life balance takes a hit. A lot of credit goes to my wife , for having been so patient and helpful towards me. But glad that it is a successful one.

The following are just my own personal views and opinions; these ways can vary from person to person.

Application Tips:

a. Please have discussion with your colleague(s)/ supervisor(s) whom you choose to show as the confirmer of your experience and get their agreement - lest an audit takes place.

Study Tips:

a. The first thing I did was look up YouTube and finding a video which helped me with memorizing the 47 processes. I am sure that this helped me a lot to have the overall picture in mind.

b. I used only Rita Mulcahy, 8th Ed. as my main study material. I really read through the book in details , understanding all the concepts as much as I could, tried to draw parallels from my own PM experience and that realy helped draw a mental picture. My idea was to form a MindMap to all the processes and their logical juxtaposition in the overall project management perspective. Some concepts like Risk, Procurement PTA I cleared from Saket Bansal's YouTube videos, which I found good ( not all though ).

c. Once completed, I did a second iteration of Rita's book , this time with the chapter end answers ( accuracy was around 70% - 75% - of course, not something you can be very cheerful about.

d. It was only once I started writing the mocks that I started feeling more confident. Sitting for 4 gruelling hours is not needs practice. I gae the following mocks:

1. Scordo :  These are free for PMI members. There are a total of 18 mini mocks of 50 Qs each- The questions are very good for practice and they are driven by the PMBOK 5th ed.   Till this point I had not read the PMBOK notes much; I used these Scordo mocks wisely to grow my stamina. I gave the first 2 mocks , sitting for 1 hr tests. Next, 4 mocks in two seatings of 2 hrs each. I was left with 12 mocks at this stage. I created 3 full length 4 hr mocks out of them. This process really helped me build my stamina. Accuracy was something like 75%... The concepts and questions that I needed to understand, I would this time refer to PMBOK notes  - so I followed a test-driven approach at this stage.

2. Next I appeared for the below Free mocks:

a. HeadFirst - 76%

b. SimpliLearn - 72%

c. Oliver Lehman 175 - 76%

d. PMStudy - 82%


Exam tips:

Feel prepared by doing as many mocks as you can. This will make you confident.

Have a very good night's sleep - the night before the exam. Don't stress - trust me it is not worth it.

The questions that appeared on the exam , were having a very direct influence to your own experience. So , no matter how much you read, they will still test you for sure. Keep your cool and just keep an open mind during the exam.


I would also like to Thank Nibha Rai from this forum who helped me a lot with her tips and suggestions.

Glad that I could share my own story as well.

It has been a long post, but I am sure some of you wouldn't be disappointed , at least you had the patience to reach through this point :)


Wish all the aspirants Best of Luck.

Best Regards.


Hello Anindya,

Firstly Congrats on getting Certified !

Can you please share what all were the areas where the exam was focused like you found more questions on Risk, Procurement, Quality.

How many Maths questions appeared on the real exam like EMV, Critical Path, etc.

Also what was your overall Score how many MP, BP, Proficient was your total score.




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Hello Congratulations...!!!

Welcome to the PMP club.

Nice Experience.


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Congratulations Anindya and thanks for sharing this post. 

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First, super congratulations on passing the PMP.  It must be a wonderful feeling.

The first point you mentioned was finding a YouTube video on remembering the 47 processes.

Do you remember who made the YouTube video on the 47 processes?  Thanks.

Best Wishes on Using Your PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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