Passed PMP on 5th May 09 Bangalore India

Dear All,
of all I thank you very much to this forum to provide me an
opportunities to gather more information like sample questions, lesson
learnt etc.

Here is my leasson learned.
I spent around 3 months for preparation. I went the through the following books in sequence.

1) HeadFirst PMP - Read 1 time - Very good book for initial understanding, may not enough for exam
PMBOK 3rd Edition - Read 1 time - Reading PMBOK is must, reading line
by line and understanding concepts are important.
3) Rita's PMP Exam
Prep - Read 3 times - Excellent book for understanding PMBOK concept
and understanding necessary of each input output , tools and techniques
4) PMBOK 3rd Edition - Read 1 time
5) Oliver Lehmann 75 and 175 - Done exercise 1 time
6) HeadFirst PMP free questions - Done exercise 1 time
7) Other online free questions - 1 time.
8) Vijay Verma Delegation - 1 time

On the exam day:
I went through only ITTO(only title - not details), all the formulae. Reached the exam center one and half hour early.
In the exam centre they are not allowing food items(however you can keep in the locker and have it during break)
Each time while coming and going inside/outside the exam hall, they ask to sign and show id.
They are not allowing watch, Mobile even handkerchief also.
In build calculator is avialable in Test application itself.

I click the start button in the test application and start reading the tutorial for 2 minutes.
all the formulae, Process chart(PMBOK Pg 70) and wrote in the scratch
paper. This is paper enough to write you brain dump. If you want more
paper, you have to return the current paper and get the new. but it is
not required to get the additional paper.

I finished the exam
with 2 hours. I took 3minutes break after completions of all the
questions. I mark for review around 25 questions.
Then completed the marked questions with 30mins and reviewed all the questions and corrected few questions.
Reading and understanding ITTO is must. especially Risk and Procurement management.
I got many questions in ITTO.
Understanding Expected Present value EPV, NPV, IRR, Delegation are important.

1) Before starting exam/once start the exam, Be calm and cool don't get tense.
2) Don't get tense if you are not able to answer first ten question, just forget and concentrate the forth coming questions.
3) Always read the answers from bottom.
4) Read questions and answers very carefully.
5) Always mark the questions, if you have doubt in your answer, later you revisit and correct it.
Please don't spend more time by reading the big questions, mark it and
go to next question, otherwise you will not get to review all the
7) Also mark all the calculation question like IRR, NPV, EVT,CPM and revisit once you complete all the questions.

All the best.