Passed PMP with 5Ps on 23/Dec/2015

Hi all,

I passed the PMP exam, first attempt with 5 proficient across all 5 process groups on 23rd December 2015.

I planned the exam since 2012 but I changed the job. Consequently, I actually started the preparation on August/2015 with 10-20 hours a week depended on my full time work load, travelling to global projects and family commitments. I was selected for PMI's Audit also that I spent 2 weeks of documentations. I would like to share my Lessons Learned here as this PMZilla forum provided me for Benchmarking during the preparation.



  1. PMBOK, 4 times - and always used for reference during review the mock test
  2. PM-PrepCast with Ebook, 1 time - I watched after the 1st PMBOK to gain more understanding.
  3. PMP Exam Prep book by Rita Mulcahy, 3 times - 1st time after PrepCast and 2nd and 3rd skim through.
  4. Head First PMP, 1 time - to insist all the PMP concept in my head.
  5. I created my note for using during preparation last 2 months (finally 70 pages), after that I never used the above materials again. So I could save time and focus.

Mock Test

We all knew that the mock test is necessary to understand and close the PMP knowledge gaps. Additionally, I collected the posted mock test score and their passing rate (P/MP/BP each area) of our friends more than 20 peoples on PMZilla forum for benchmarking. Those comparative scores told me whether I was ready for the exam or not.

  1. PM Exam Simulator (Full Test 1 – 8), highly recommend, my score 82% - 94%
  2. PMStudy (Full Test 1 -4), close to real exam, my score 74% - 85%
  3. PMZest (Full Test 1 – 5) , highly recommend, my score 67% - 75%
  4. Head First PMP (Full Test 1), recommend at your first time mock test, my score 82%
  5. Other test (Rita's Chapter test of prep book 76%, Christopher Scordo 85%, PMZilla 40% (highly recommend), Simplilearn 64%, etc.)

Real Exam

I passed the exam at Prometric in Thailand. The exam based on situation more than 80%. The questions could not be answered by simply memorization the ITTO but I had to interpret why that situations shall be applied that ITTO.

Many questions had to be calculated the Earned Value. Schedule Network Diagrams were moderate hard, but I got the questions with difference diagrams and need to be re-wrote with interpretation related to CPM. The exam also required to understand and know step by step of Project Charter/Planning/Quality/HRM/Risk/Procurement/Change/Project Closure.



  • Develop your planning and strategies first.
  • Schedule the exam including documentation in case of PMI Audit.
  • Use only 1 or 2 prep books.
  • Create your note including Glossary to save time and focus.
  • Determine your gaps as much as possible and close those gaps by insertion into your note.
  • Understand which process should come first is a must.
  • Review your mock test always both mark and wrong answers
  • Use PMZilla forum for benchmarking (you can analyze whether you are ready or not).
  • Focus on PMP learning not only for PMP exam.
  • Keep smiling.


Thanks PMZilla. All the best!



Kiattisak Siriintarathorn

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Excellent Kiattisak, 5Ps is a great achievement. Thanks for sharing your valuable tips with this forum.