Passed PMP with 5Ps

Happy to share that I have cleared my PMP exam with 5 proficients. Achieved the long pending goal and it is a great relief. I have visited this forum quite often during my preparation. Discussion of key concepts and lessons learned from members were extremely helpful. So, I thought I should share my experience as well for other PMP aspirants. Here it goes:

1) I have been thinking about PMP since many years, but in September I decided I have to attempt it, whatever happens. So, I just went ahead and scheduled the exam for November leaving 2 full months for prep

2) Started with Rita book and completed in 3 weeks. Read all chapters thoroughly. Made the effort to understand each and every line written there. Never moved on until I really understood the concepts. Religiously completed all chapter end exercises

3) After Rita book, started doing mock exams (PM Fast Track, Head First, Oliver etc..)

4) Attempted to read PMBOK for next 3 weeks. Tried my best to understand the concepts, specially focussing on the reasons behind input and ouputs of various processes. Reading was very dry and used to put me to sleep, but I think going through it once helped me in the exam

5) Last 2 weeks, I skimmed through important chapters of Rita book again. Did daily memory dump practice, attempted many mock exercises (consistently scored above 80).

6) I had pasted Ricardo Vargas chart, memory dump sheet, page 61 of PMBOK and Rita's process chart in my bathroom and used to go over it every time I go to bathroom while my kids knocked the door from outside :)

Let me know if anyone wants any additional information and I will be happy to share. Good luck to everyone.

Congrats Ravi. How about  math questions? Did you used any separate book?



Thanks Senthil. I did not use any separate book for math questions. The examples and exercises in Rita book were more than enough. I got practice solving such questions as and when they showed up on various mock tests. By the way, I felt there were more math questions on the exam than I anticipated. I almost used up all 6 sheets of scrap papers provided.

Can you please share with us on the tests and exam simulators taken by you and your scores in that. Thanks.

Hello Ravindra,

Congrats !

Can you please share the Brain Dump and the Ricardo Vargas Chart, might be it will be helpful to me since i am planning to give the exam by next month.

Secondly can you please elaborate more on Maths Questions, in total how many questions did you get 5, 10 or more than that. Also the difficultly level if you can provide.

Last the Questions were mostly focussed on Quality, Risk and Procurement or were overall spread equally ?

Can you help answer this please.

Here is the direct link to Ricardo Vargas chart. It helped "see" all processes and ITTOs in one view.

I think I must have seen close to 10 questions involving math. For me, the explaination and exercises in Rita book were sufficient. I did however refer to Head First for more exercises.

I will try to share pic of my memory dump sheet.

There were questions from all KAs, but I felt more questions from procurement (need to know what type of contract to use when) and risks. 

Thanks Ravindra for your response.

Please do send us the Memory Dump Sheet, it will really help us in the preparation.

Again, Appreciate all the Help you are doing in this regards !!!

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5P!!! - Congratulations and do share some more wisdom on PMZilla. 

Thanks. Don't know how that happened, but will definitely be sharing my learnings in this excellent forum :)

could you please share that memory dump material?

Senthil, apologies for delay. Here is what I had in my memory dump sheet:

Formulae for Earned Value Management, Chart from 219 of PMBOK (it was really helpful), Formulae for EMV, Communication channels, PERT std deviation, variance, triangular distribution, PTA, Values for 1, 2, 3 and 6 sigma (did not get any question related to this though), ranges for ROM, Budget and Definitive estimates, HR Motivation theories summary, Powers of PM, 7 Quality Tools, Sources of Conflict and Conflict resolution techniques. and I drew chart from page 61 of PMBOK (wasn't very useful for me, but it gave me confidence that I have it if needed).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Ravi. Surely, I will added in my memeory dumpsheet. Can you please refer any material or link to undertand the control chart? I have read rita but still i dont feel the grip of  understanding.

Hi Ravindra,

5Ps !!!  Congratulations!!! Excellent Result.

Could you please share that memory dump material ?


Congrats ravindra can u give me some tips for cleared my PMP exam.


Congrats!! Can you please share with us on the tests and exam simulators taken by you and your scores in that. Thanks.

I had used the following: (1) Rita PM FASTrac; (2) Oliver; (3) PMStudy; (4) Head First.

Scored around 75% on Oliver, +90% on Head First and +80% on others.

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Please let us know if you remember How many Inputs and Outputs Questions in Exam you faced .

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