Passed PMP with 4Ps & 1MP

 Dear All,

I Cleared the PMP test with 4Ps and 1MP last week. Overall it was a nice experience.I Prepared for  around 8 weeks. Took astrowix's mock test along with OliverLehmann's free tests and other free online resources. But I would say that it would help a lot if one reads the PMBOK 4th Edition completely atleast once (although I would recommend twice: once ofcourse in the beginning of preperation and once more during the week before exam). 

I would say Oliver Lehman was closest to the actual exam.

I had bumped into PMzilla only on the night before the exam and some of the topics in tips and tricks were pretty useful. A hearty thanks to the PMzilla community.

The exam was I would say moderate (neither easy nor tough). There were around 20 questions which were problems (EVM and network diagrams) which were pretty easy provided you are clear on the concepts. Practicing problems would be a good thing to do.

There were a significant number of questions (may be around 20-30) which were pretty tough, in the sense that all four options were almost equally correct. A large number of questions were case studies. 

 I finished my exam in 3:15 hrs thus leaving around 45 mins time for review. I feel that this time I got was crucial in improving my score since I made quite some changes during the review.

I clicked the end exam button with just a minute to spare which was followed by the pleasent message :)

The point is that, it would help to use the given 4hrs time to the fullest extent.... marking questions to review, reading them carefully and rethinking the options chosen.

Hope this helps..



 Dear Friend,

          Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.

Which books did you refer to? What were the mock exams you have taken? Could kindly provide some more inputs in detail which shall be helpful for aspirants like us.

Congrats once again.





 Thank You Bhavesh !!

 Hi Vishwanath,

Thanks for the wishes..... 

As for the books, I just referred the PMBOK 4th Edition, and practice standards for EVM, Time Management, Cost Management etc ( you get access to these if you are a member of PMI). I just referred to these books and nothing else !!

As for the mock exams, I had enrolled with Astrowix who was my REP for the credits. They had provided me access to four simulation exams. Also a large amount of free material available online. In my view these are sufficient for cracking the exam.

Some of the free resources that I used are:

(this list is not exhaustive)

Out of these voightps and oliverlehmann helped me the most. They provided a lot of insight.

Hope this helps.


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 Dear Friend,

       Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs.



 Congrats Sabkalyan on achieving the PMP Target...

best wishes for future...




 Thank You !!


~ Diba

 Congrats man!.

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Do recommend PMZilla to your friends, so that they stumble upon here atleast a week before :)



 Sure !!

 Congrats Sabkalayan.