Passed PMP on 3rd Nov 2008

I passed PMP yesterday, it was long learning experience.I have completed the exam in 3:25 minutes, then I revised the marked unswered question which is arround 30 question and and then revised the whole and changes few of my answer.I was bit nervous at the end for the result but finally i did it and message says you passed PMP.

I prepared for nearly 4 months balancing my work home and study.

PMBOK  3 times.

Rita Mulchay 2 times

Andy Crowe book, i sugessted after reading the PMBOK once please read this book it make the concept more clear and then reread the PMBOK and Rita again.

I would say PMP need though understanding of the mamangement process, its ITTO and once you are clear, start acessing youself by taking mock exams. If you score between 85 to 90 % you are done and I am sure you are going to clear it.

Before taking exam I took 4 Pmstudy test,then all the test for each chapter of Rita and Andy Crowe,and some free test like headfirst,olivers,and PM zilla tests.

PMP material at PM zilla is of great help.

I would say test is moderate for me and i was well preapared and I passed the exam.

All the best for the aspirants, Thanks. 









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Hi Raj Kumar,

Congratulations ! and welcome to the elite club of PMP Aspirants. As you rightly said with good preparation one can easily clear the examination. 

Thanks for sharing your LL and experiences