Passed PMP on 30th June- First attempt, no PMBOK


I passed the exam today.

I used simple score prediction system to predict results on PM Study tests very correctly. I used same prediction system on the real test and it gave me  a lot of confidence. Here is how I did it.

During my tests (PMStudy and real one), I classified my answers to three categories:

1) 90% sure –when I’m very sure

2) 50% sure  - when I’m relatively unsure between two answers

3) 33% sure – when I’m unsure between three answers.

After each 50 answers I multiplied the probability with the number of answers in the category and summed the results for all three categories. With such calculation I predicted my PMStudy scores in +-2%. Therefore on the real test I was sure that I’ll pass because my calculated score was around 79%. It is very nice feeling having score above 75% after first 50 questions and keeping this score or higher later.

About my preparation… My friends told me not to read PMBOK and I did it so. I was pretty confident because I analyzed here testimonies of the people who didn’t pass. I noticed that most of them:

    1)  used only PMBOK for preparation

    2) and/or have been too confident because having long PM practice.

I have 6- 7 years practice, but didn't underestimate the exam.

Also I didn't knew ITTO by heart and even when I tried to write all 42 processes, I always missed at least one:). But, I think I prepared my exam decently.

Here is my way and tools:

1) read Rita first time, tried to understand what I read, but didn’t make most of the practices. Answered and analyzed questions. Took me two months, let’s say 60 hours.

2) Made full test on Rita's simulator. 53%. Big disappointment.

3) Rita second time, more understanding, no practices, answering and analyzing questions. Like 30 hours.

4) Full test on Rita's simulator. 63%, but lot of questions I saw earlier.

5) Easy re-read Rita's book third time. I understood almost everything. Answered and analyzed questions after 50% chapters. Needed like 20 hours

6) Oliver Lehman’s short test. Score slightly over 70.

7) 4 PMStudy tests. 72-74%. Analyzed answers very detailed. Repeated critical chapters from Rita's book.  It took me three days. 8-12 hours daily, Friday - Sunday.

8) Nothing on Monday-Wednesday

9) Thursday, 2 hours Rita's book - fast overview of all chapters

10) passed exam. 2 Proficient, 4 moderate


  • PMBOK is not necessary for passing the test
  • Not necessary to learn ITTOs
  • 70-74 on PMStudy is enough.

Reading PMBOK and learning ITTOs was my fallback plan for 2nd atempt. Very relaxed after all:)




Congratulations on clearing PMP exam.