Passed PMP on 2nd Nov 2015

Dear PMP Aspirants ! 

PMP = Practice Makes Perfect!

There is still a chance to apply for an give the exam under the current format till 10 Jan 2016. 

I passed the PMP exam on 2nd Nov 2015. 

What did I do to pass? 

  • Read PMBoK twice. 
  • Read Rita's book 3 times ! yes I mean 3 times .. it suggests to follow the magic 3 in the initial pages of her book and thats what I did! 
  • Gave OL's 75 tough questions - Scored 70.6% - THIS IS A MUST-DO EXAM 
  • Gave OL's 175 questons - Scored 80% - THIS IS A MUST-DO EXAM 
  • Practiced PMP Simulator exams - Scoring in the range of 70 to 75 ... Yes they were tough exams but thats where you build muscle for the real thing!
  • I did all this balancing a hectic work schedule and my family life .. Not easy but where there is a will there is a way! :) 
  • Be fully aware of the closing process for projects/procurements - The questions use distractive words .. Dont get caught out .. so if you are not sure .. COME BACK in the later 2 hours!

I did buy headfirst .. Its a good book and has a story telling approach .. personally it didnt suit me as I had a time constraint .. just 2 months of preparation : / But its a good book ... :) 

Please take the exam VERY VERY seriously! You are investing yr personal time and money .. Please justify that ... :) Its not a tough exam .. and its not an easy exam but questions can really get on your nerves if you are NOT prepared! 

How do you manage yr time in the exam: 

You should ideally complete looking @ each of the questions for the very first time (all 200) in a matter of 2 hrs! max 2 hrs and 15 mins .. Dont exceed. Dont waste time on numerical questions if they are not easy to be solved spontaneously... MARK IT FOR REVIEW! Come back to it later! Please do not get intimidated by any of them ! Its an EXAM not a MONSTER!

It had questions on critical path ! practice creating a critical path @ home .... 

Know the 7 basic quality tools VERY well! The exam had many questions integrating risk and other knowledge areas - so completely understand risk management ... ! 


Start with 50 questions - Move on to 100 .. then 175 then 200.. 

You CAN do it! 

Best wishes

Siddharth Sridhar. 






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Good one Siddharth , Congratulations !

Sometimes Practice Makes Perfect when studying. - Paul Savramis