Passed PMP 2/1/2013 first attempt, ONLY 8 days of preparation!

 I passed PMP (2P, 3MP) on 2nd Jan 2013 in my first attempt with 8 days of preparation.

Books and Materials used:

Head First PMP (read Integration, Cost, Risk and Procurement chapters only)

 PMP Exam Prep: Rita (read the entire book)

I tore both the books and stapled them chapter wise J

Page 43 PMBOK

Abhishek’s version of Rajesh Nair’s Notes (All KAs + Initializing and Closing PGs, did not get time to read the important points – there are so many of them!)  This was really useful – My thanks to Abhishek and Rajesh for the wonderful work! I feel the notes could be improved further though...

I had planned to study PMBOK but ran out of time so did not read anything from it.


I focused on correctly understanding what i was reading and it took me more time than i had expected so i did not get time to solve even the chapter end questions from either of the books.

EVM concepts are very nicely explained in Head First. I liked the simple way in which Risk and Procurement KA are covered in Head First.

I did not memorize ITTOs and focused on understanding the Tools & Techniques in each process.

I was logged into PMzilla all day (Very useful site .. Keep up the good work guys!) and 4 days before my exam i read Raghav’s post  and i was inspired to give my best shot. He was gracious enough to reply to my e-mail and guided me to “To prioritize course content and get handle on stuff which have the best ROI" – his words J  Thanks Raghav... God Bless!

Congratulation for your exam and for your LL, if you can send me a copy (printable) of  Rajesh Nair’s and Abhishek’s version notes and Head First PMP to my email :


best regards


 Thanks a bunch  :)

  I have forwarded the notes to you that were mailed  to me by Durga Prasad.

  I don't have a pdf of Head First PMP ...  kindly excuse!


Could you please send me the pdf notes at Thanks a lot.

Hello gl79,

would you be able to share with me the Head First PMP and Rajesh Nair’s and Abhishek’s version notes - of course in case you received it ;-). Much appreciated in advance. My address :




Hi... Congratz!

Could you please send me the pdf notes at

Thank you so much.

Kindly send me a copy (printable) of  Rajesh Nair’s and Abhishek’s version notes and Head First PMP to
Thank you.

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Congratulations, you could send me Rajesh Nair's notes to study for my second attempt, I unfortunately fail in my first attempt on 21 December.

my mail: rapha.tico @

thank you very much!

all the best

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I like this trend. PMP in 8 days is something remarkable. 


Thanks Admin .. i know and i am really happy  :)  

A big part of my success goes to PMZilla which is alive with PMP exam buzz ... "PMP Material"  uploaded on  PMZilla is pretty useful .. one thing i missed during my prep was collection of All Tools and Techiniques compiled together .. would have been really useful ...  Lessons Learned section is where i used to be throughout the day and that helped me a lot ! ( Thanks Raghav) .. There are some spams also posted here which is irritating .. anyways .. There is no other site even close to you ... DeepFriedBrainProject has some well written articles but it is not comprehensive.

Congratulations  and Thanks to the entire PMZilla Team .. You guys Rock!


Can you please send me the notes if they are printable? 




Congrats on your PMP.

Please send me the notes sent by Durga Prasad to me as well. -

Planning to take up my pmp exam this Jan.

 I have mailed to you all the notes forwarded to me by Durga Prasad.

My Personal Experience:

I did not use these notes sent to me by Durga Prasad. You see, simply "Saving Excel Sheets as PDF files" does not do it .. much of the content is missing 

I downloaded Abhishek’s Version of Rajesh Nair’s Notes from here:

Notes are not print-friendly at all.

There is content hidden in each cell which you don’t realize until you actually drag out each row and column cell.

Rajesh Nair’s comment here  :

: useful for some pages but one has to change page scaling for some .. very painful process  .. you have to carefully drag out each cell in each page to reveal all the content .. save it and then work with print settings many times to get it correct .. end result is some pages with very small font size ... i managed with that somehow as i have a good eye sight J   and i had lost patience with this printing business :)

I spent more than half a day and many wasted printer pages to get all the content printed.

Good points about these notes:

Each process has it’s ITTO laid out. 

Abhishek has organized the processes by Process Groups as well – content remains the same for KAs and PGs-  so reading both is a kind of revision from two different angles – The Process Group view is helpful as Rita, HeadFirst and even PMBOK has content KAs wise and here you get to see the processes in a different perspective .. It helped me do well in Initiation and Closing PGs

 Congrats Man!. Permit me to say, to have studied and passed PMP exam in 8 days is remarkable!!. I believe you are purely from the project management background. Kudos!!!.

Am really inspired by your T20 approach towrads the PMP exam!!! great job, buddy... I am also preparing the same but the confidence is not in... BTW, I am getting some mentions about Rajesh and Abhishek's notes repeatedly in this forum. Can you please help me in this regard. Need to check out them.

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 Congrats Friend,

        Thanks for sharing your LL.



 Thanks Vishwanath ! :)

My hearty congratulations on clearing PMP in a short period.

Need a favor: Could you please mail me Head First PMP, Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair notes to

Thanks in advance.




Congrats and motivating to see if not in 8 days with dedicated prep can pass the exam in 1-2 months.

Request to share the soft scanned copies of Abhishek's version of Rajesh nair's notes and  Head first to my contact -

Hi, Congrats on Clearing the PMP Exam.

Could you please mail me Head First PMP, Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair notes to with subject as PMP Material - PMZilla.

Thank you.



It is really amazing to get PMP in 8days at first attempt.

Could you please email me Head First PMP, Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair notes at
Thank you!



Could you please send me the pdf notes?  Greatlly appreciate:

Thanks a lot.


Could you please send me the pdf notes?  Greatlly appreciate:

Thanks a lot.

great achievement! please can ypu share your notes at ty in advance


Could you please send me the pdf notes at rakhipampati@aol.comn . Thanks a lot.