Passed PMP on 20th July 2015, My Lessons Learned

Hi All,

I‘m Narasimha  Reddy  and I'm happy to inform that I passed my PMP exam last Monday 20th July 2015, 4MP 1BP (A Pass is A Pass)

 From my experience, the key to successfully passing the test is iterating between exam materials and doing mock exams. When I did my first mock exam, I was very surprise how many I got wrong even though I thought I knew the materials inside out. I would review those questions I got wrong and understand why. Usually it is not that you don't know the material but more importantly you have to understand/read the questions better. 

Summary : Prepared for 11 weeks, Material -  Rita, Head First, PMBOK and Saket Bansal’s  wonderful videos/blogs/Hangouts

Full length Practice Tests taken:

1) HeadFirst (Free) good to start

2) (Free) good, lots of questions

3) (Free)Good

4) Simplilearn (5 Test Paid) OK, but not worth for Money

5) PMZEST (5Tests paid) I passed only 2exams.  Questions collection is awesome, But language is very poor, Sometimes I don’t understand Question, Advantage is Affordable Price.

6) PMZILLA 200 +100 Questions by T Kapadia, Must Try

7) Scordo Question (Free for PMI Members) Very good

 My Average score is 62% - 77%,

Don't get Deflated if you get low scores in some exams, I got only 65% in most of my Mock tests.

Very good source for concepts

Exam experience:

30% questions are straight forward, 70% Questions are wordy and Tricky. In fact Questions are easy, Answers are tough.

Only 2 ITTO questions by seeing options easily find out correct answer.

I got 7 Maths Questions.

Sitting in front of Computer for 4:30 hours (30mins for Intro and feedback) and anticipating every bit of tricky questions is a torture.

Bottom Line:

Stay cool focus on your English, 50% of Exam is all about your patience, Language and your endurance. Write as many Mock tests as possible and be a self motivator. You will DO IT.


Narasimha  Reddy 

Congratulation!...Very Helpful information....

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Hello Narasimha,

Congratulations to your success! Good Job!

I bet the feeling right after receiving the message that you have done it, was priceless and worth all the effort, right?!

Celebrate and enjoy this success, you deserve it!

✪ But like you may know: After certification is before RE-CERTIFICATION! ✪

First it seems to be more than enough time (3 Years) to earn the needed 60 PDU’s, but you shouldn’t underestimate this challenge (like you didn’t with your preparation, right?).

You should plan and - just start right now -  (how) to earn your PDU’s for re-certification.

Here are some recommendations therefore:

A very good opportunity to earn PDU’s with less effort and – more important! – on a regular basis is the PDU-Podcast by the PrepCast-Crew:

PDU PodCast:

Free PDUs for PMP Renewal and Recertification


Another option is to earn PDU’s just to continue earning certifications like the ACP-Exam for instance; this would provide you 37 PDU’s towards your PMP Re-Certification; that is more than the half you need!:

Earning 37 PDU's with AgilePrepCast:

And here are some more helpful tips how to maintain your credential:

Twelve Easy Ways to Earn PDUs for PMP Recertification


        1. Your Day Job (PDU Category F)

        2. Take a Quiz! (PDU Category A)

        3. Volunteer Service (PDU Category E)

        4. PDUs That Go Wherever You Go (PDU Category A)

        5. Get free PDUs just for listening (PDU Category C)

        6. Watch a Movie (PDU Category A)

        7. Formal Academic Training (PDU Category B)

        8. Create new Project Management Knowledge (PDU Category D)

        9. Turning CEU’s into PDUs (PDU Category B)

        10. Self-Study (PDU Category C)

        11. Get Free PDU ideas via Email (PDU Category - Multiple)

        12. Leverage PDU Activities (PDU Category - Multiple)

How To Maintain Your PMP Certification in 3 Easy Steps


        Step 1: Adhere to PMI's Continuing Certification Program

        Step 2: Attend events by PMI and/or PMI's R.E.P.

        Step 3: Earn PDUs online


2015 Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Updates:

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions.

Best of luck!


) * I am a registered affiliate partner of; some of the provided links may be affiliate links.

Congrats :)

I will highly appreciate if you please share the book links that you stated as free, i am unable to get those free links.




Which mock tests you would recommend to buy? My exam is scheduled for 28th August.

Thanks in Advance.

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Congratulations on your PMP. Thanks for this post. 


Great to hear you like PMZilla Qs and highly recommend