Passed PMP / 1st attempt. What worked for me.

I passed PMP yesterday, first attempt. I got 4MP, 1P. Here is what worked for me, and might/might not work for you. My background is Software Engineering. 
- August 24th: Took PMP bootcamp. PMA, San Francisco, CA.  After this, I didn't do any study/review for a month.
- September 24th: Applied for PMP Exam 
- September 30th: PMP application approved. Registered for PMP Exam October 19th.
- October 6th: Started studying. Basically I reviewed all PMP bootcamp materials/strategy.
- October 19th: Passed test. 
I would say I invested 48 hours to seriuos study. Here is what I did/didn't do due to my short timeframe to pass the test:
I did not:
1) Did not read entire PMBOK, only specific pages (maybe 15 pages) that were pointed out by bootcamp material. I just didn't have the time to read it.
2) Did not purchase/read additional books/resources/mock-tests. I stuck to what I was given at bootcamp material.
I did:
1) Read bootcamp material twice, which is a summarized version of PMBOK
2) Created flashcards with all terms that I was not familiar with.
3) Took small quizzes daily - provided by bootcamp material. Added more flashcards containing wrong answers.
4) Solved 2 practice tests. Got 71% and 75%. 
5) Daily took 15 mins to brain dump all processes and formulas. 
6) Day before test I went through all my wrong answers. 
7) Reviewed flashcards whenever I was commuting to work.
8) When commuting, I played a PMP video (of any source/topic) on youtube. 
1) I read answers first, always.
2) Skipped all calculation questions to the end.
3) Skipped all "tough" questions to the end.
4) Answered all questions I could answer right away in 2.5 hrs.
5) Answered calculations questions in 45 mins.
6) Answered "tough" questions in 45 mins. 
7) I guessed in 9-10 questions.
The PMP Bootcamp I attended is 
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Congratulations to your success and thx for sharing your insights to the communty! Good Job!

I bet the feeling right after receiving the message that you have done it, was priceless and worth all the effort, right?!

Celebrate and enjoy this success, you deserve it, cause we know about the effort and the dedication needed to achive this!

Please refer to our little guide about how to earn your 60 PDUs within 3 years for re-certification; you may have a look here:

Best of luck anyway,





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Congratulations on your PMP. Thanks for sharing.