PASSED PMP 1st attempt Sept 9th 2015


I am pleased to announce that I cleared my PMP exam today at first attempt. 

It has been a great learning journey and I wouldn't have accomplished this big milestone without the invaluable support that this forum provided

Few of the strategies that I applied: 

1. I never attempted more than two simulator practice tests from one source. This gave me an exposure to answer to different style/type of questions. 
2. Memorizing the ITTOS is not required but do understand the overall flow and how they impact/relate with each other. 
3. My primary focus was on key areas like Initiation and Closing where i focused more as I personally felt that i can score more as questions will be focused on those areas.This strategy worked for me. 
4. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO. I made my life miserable by 'self doubting' myself several times. My trainer had more faith in me. 'Doubt is not allowed' is what i started saying to myself last couple of days prior to the exam. 
5. During the first day of my training class, two statements registered in my mind stated by a trainer - 'Your life is going to be on hold due to this preparation' and 'stay away from distractions'. I took both the statements literally and I mean it :) Apart from my office, i focused more on PMP and i stayed away from all the distractions around me including deactivating my facebook and whatsapp account :) 
6. I booked the exam date as soon as my application got approved. This helped me to put my daily study plan from 7/31-9/19 and followed the plan for the most part. This was very helpful for me. I couldn't take the stress though and pre-poned the exam from September 19th to September 9th. This is an amazing forum that I joined around 3 weeks back and continued to post all of my queries here. I instantly received responses on my queries and that helped a lot. 
7. Real life PM experience helps a lot while answering these questions during the exam. 
8. My biggest problem while doing the practice tests prior to exam was, most of the times i didn't read all four options and selected one of the answers. On Rita Mulcahy's recommendation in her book, during the exam i read the answers from D to A instead of A to D. This helped me to go through all the four answer options. Found it very helpful 

Preparation time: 10 weeks Training: Local PMI Training 
Material Used: Andy Crowe's CDs great companion while on my commute to work, Ande Crowe's how to pass at first try book - read twice thoroughly, PMBOK read once thoroughly and twice again most of the sections, Rita Mulchahy's book read only tricks and trades section once 

Below is my score on the simulator that i attempted: 
Andy Crowe's Practice A 200 questions paid - 60% 
Exam Central 1 200 questions free - 63% 
Passionate PM 110 questions free - 77% 
Exam Central 2 200 questions free - 76% 
Oliver Lehrmann 75 questions free - 60% 
Oliver Lehrmann 175 questions free - 68% 
Ande Crowe's Practice B 200 questions paid - 60% 
PMStudy free - 60% (3 days before the exam) 
Scordo several question sets free - 60%-70% 
Rita Mulcahy's questions for each Chapter - 60%-70% 

Of course, i was demotivated each time when i scored the above percentages as online most of the forums suggest that you must score 70%-80% before you attempt an exam. 

I personally felt the exam was easy as compare to the simulator tests that I attempted. Understanding the concepts is key thing though. 

Googled few concepts that weren't clear to me and found great information through Saket Bansal's videos and Pmstudycircle (very well explained articles). 

Also, I kept reminded myself throughout the exam to smile based on Alma's suggestion. It helped me relieve my stress and be relaxed during the exam. 

Wish you the very best!! 

Sorry for the long post! 


1st of all .. so many congrats :)

2nd, so many thanks for sharing your great experience that give me alot of hope and let me feel that all what I am facing is normal for that great challenge.

I will go for my 1st attempt in few days and I was soo much stressed and confused regarding my simulators scores which are almost close to yours and I begin to think if I should postpone my exam !! I got panic untill I see your valuable feedback.

Thank u for sharing ur positive experience and wish u good luck.

please wish me success :)

Going through the wrong answers and all the weak areas is a key though!

Congratulations, thanks for sharing your LL experice, it will be motivational for everyone who is seeking to certified.

Enjoy your freedom.

Yeah loving my life back after all these days!

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Very well written LL. Thanks for sharing and Congratulations. 

Thank you for helping me calm down whenever i scored low :)

Thanks for your sharing!! And congratulations!

Congrats !  This is one of a great motivation and insipirational story , thanks for sharing your approach !