Passed PMP in 1st attempt (9th DEC 2014)

Dear All,

I am pleased to inform that I passed PMP in 1st attempt with score - 2P, 3MP.

Here is my story and Lessons learned - 

Thought to do PMP certification emerged 2 years back to bring some light in my professional carrier.  But could not action it due to busy work schedule and family life.(but still this thought was running in background)

This year Jan, I decided to put some serious action(new year resolution) and ordered PMP Exam Prep book (by Rita Mulcahy) and started casual reading, finished first round of reading around march and did some exercises  at the end of each chapter scoring between 50-70%. By mid-April I submitted my application and got it approved without any audit.

Then came long break till OCT end as I was put on new project which burnt all my time+engery and did not get opportunity to even look at the book for next 4-5 months.(by then I postponed date 2 times)

By Oct end I was in better control of my project but still had too much workload, this time I felt I must put some date before yearend and reschedule it to 9th Dec 2014. (Now or never situation), So left with only one and half month to prepare for exam.

Again did not study regularly (max 1.5 hr on weekday and 2-3 hours on weekends), sometimes skipping days in-between -  


My preparation status before 9 days to exam (which i posted in my other blog to seek advice on to proceed or not) - 

1. Studied PMP Exam Prep (by Rita Mulcahy)3 times (first time in jan and now 2 times) - My favourite book

2. Skimmed through PMBOK5 once (due to time constraints, could not extract much juice ) 

3. Run through Rajesh Nair notes

Attempted following exams - 

1. PM study free exam test 1- scored 63%

2. PM Fastrack 200 question test - scored 69%

3. PMP for sure mock test 2 - scored 63%

4. PMP for sure mock test 3 - scored 57%

My score wasn't handsome and got feedback that i might fail. (Thanks admin for giving vision to read PMBOK)

What I did in last 9 days - 

1. Read PMBOK for first 4 days (chapter-4 to chapter-13) - This time I focused on understanding gaps in my knowledge and questions that went wrong in my mock test to get my mind set aligned to PMBOK.  Many of the questions referred to defination/statements from PMBOK.  I felt my reading was much constructive as i was able to understand each line of PMBOK ( Always read Rita first as it builds foundation and langauage is user friendly)


2.After that I attempted one more mock test on day 5 - 

PM study free exam test 2 - 74.87% (Felt better and confident) - I said not to give any more exam and just focus on building concepts.

3. Next 3 days I read PMP Exam Prep (by Rita Mulcahy) (by skipping first 3 chapters) , lot of reading by now. (Memorised Rita's process chart - which made me answer 5 questions correctly based on the sequence of processes)

4.A day before exam - Tried writing all ITTO's ( Analysed what I missed and tried to analyse relative context to the process), revised all EMV, EVM, Communication channel, Triangular/Beta distribution, PTA, Critical path, Final price/final fee, Control chart formulas. 


By now I was exhausted studying 14 hours a day since last 8 days. Slept early, woke up at 5 am took Rajesh Nair’s notes excel version printed on A3, skimmed through all knowledge areas and went for exam at 10 am. 

Started exam after first 15 min of introductory lesson - (Just brain dump formulas I mentioned earlier and got relaxed )

-The question were lengthy, almost 50% questions of half a page and then choices for them rest half a page.

-Almost 50% questions were situational (Good hint- always select choice which says evaluate impact for any changes to scope, schedule, cost etc.) 

-Questions were pretty straightforward and easy compared to mock test.

-lots of questions on 7 quality tools, specially on control chart shown diagrammatically and select what decision project manager will take.

-CPI, SPI, EAC, ETC, TCPI, communication channel questions (almost 20-25) - please remember what each means to derive what is asked and understand the situation.

-Conflict resolutions techniques related 2-3 questions

Completed exam when left just 10 mins (no breaks), reviewed 3-4 marked questions and time up. Completed feedback survey and then blank screen (very nervous at that minute) and finally CONGRATULATION message appeared and felt delighted, starred the screen for 2 minutes without any action and mission accomplished.

Thanks to my Wife and my son for giving me courage and support whenever I felt doubtful about my preparation. 

Lessons learnt - 

1. Never underestimate your potential in any situation. You are born to win.






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Very valuable LL shared. Thanks a lot and Congratulations. 

Congratulations Nigade. Thanks for sharing your experiance. This is really helpful.


congrats!!!! :)